Legislative Branch

The USGA senate consists of student representing the six respective undergraduate schools of UAB*. The senate originates, sponsors, and passes bills and amendments to the USGA Constitution and Code of Laws. The USGA also originates resolutions expressing the concerns and opinions of the Student Body. Senators are elected in the Spring according to the number of enrollment from each undergraduate school represented. They strive to produce and maintain the optimal college expereience, both in and out of the classroom. The Internship Coordinator and the Freshman Forum are considered a part of the Legislative Branch. Both provide services to students who are interested in becoming senators and in getting involved with the USGA. 

Senate meeting minutes and all legislation (bills, amendments, and resolutions) are located under the “Documents” tab, as well as the USGA mainpage. 

Please refer to the "Calendar" tab for the dates and times of Senate meetings and other USGA events.

College of Arts & Sciences
School of Business
School of Education
School of Engineering 
School of Health Professions
School of Nursing
Senators at Large