3.2.2 Freshman Forum
Freshman Forum is an organization dedicated to giving freshman the opportunity to become an integral part of UAB's Undergraduate Student Government Association. In order to allow the freshman voice to be heard, the organization aids students in development of skills such as: identification of issues on campus, innovation of solutions, and interaction with peers who have differing opinions. Through networking and learning professional etiquette from their student government peers, members will attain the knowledge of what it takes to play an active role in any student run organization. Freshman Forum prepares members for a journey in student government during their entire undergraduate career.

Freshman Forum Website

2014-2015 Freshman Forum

IMG 0011
MaryRose Kammer
Freshman Forum Director
IMG 0007
Miles Erbe
Freshman Forum Director

Angelin Ponraj

IMG 6359
Ashley Kroeger

IMG 6423
Beau Johnson

IMG 6388
Becky Sales

IMG 6314
Bobby Ijeoma

IMG 6341
Brittany Ransom

IMG 6415
Dakota Bell

IMG 6435
Darrius Robinson

IMG 6404
Dasha Gubarev

IMG 6372
Destiny Houston

IMG 6322
Edward Youn

IMG 6379
Eric Kim

IMG 6402
Fernando Colunga

IMG 6429
Gabrielle Brow

IMG 6378
Hadley Hall

IMG 6328
Joanne Jacob

IMG 6318
Kevin Lee

Kush Patel

IMG 6313
Lakshmi Subramani

IMG 6383
Lee Proffitt

IMG 6344
Mary Shay Capps

IMG 6337
Matt Burns

IMG 6333
Mekenzi Esensoy

IMG 6347
Myah Morton

IMG 6325
Pooja Wagle

IMG 6432
Rachael Rainey

IMG 6392
Robyn York

IMG 6353
Sarah Mizic

IMG 6361
Sarah Owens

IMG 6412
Sarah Robertson

IMG 6400
Savanna Ciaccio

IMG 6428
Shannon Walker

IMG 6418
Taylor Hogeland

  IMG 6422
Timothy Smith