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Student Referendum Frequently Asked Questions

On December 2nd, 2014 the decision was made to eliminate Football, Bowling & Rifle for financial reasons. Students, faculty, alumni, donors, city and government officials and business leaders in the community rallied and voiced their support to bring back the three athletic programs. The University then created an Athletic Task Force to review the issue in tandem with an independent consulting firm. As a result, a fundraising effort was put into motion. The Undergraduate Student Government Association at UAB pledged its support in the form of an additional $25 fee per semester, per student, to assist in the restoration. Other contributors include private individuals, organized groups, and the City of Birmingham. Other municipalities in Alabama also pledged support. The student contribution will be the single largest contribution to the effort. 

For a downloadable version of the FAQs click here

  • What are we voting on?
      • A fundraising goal was set by the University in order to reinstate football, bowling, and rifle after the December decision to cut the programs. Many came together to reach this goal; however it could not be reached without student support. The student contribution is the single largest contribution to reinstating these sports.
      • We are voting to solidify the students' role in the sustainability of the three returning sports by introducing a $25 per semester fee to be added to undergraduate students' tuition and fees. 
  • Why are we voting?
      • We are voting to ensure that football, bowling, and rifle are sustainable in the future.
      • This vote validates the student body's voice in the decision-making process surrounding their undergraduate experience.
      • The USGA announced its support for bringing back these programs earlier this year, and the $25 amount was determined by the students. The student body is voting to ensure that everyone has a voice. 
  • What is this money specifically being used for?
      • Any cost associated with sustaining and support the UAB Football, Bowling & Rifle programs.
      • The funds will not be diverted towards any other athletic programs.
      • If the administration would like to use the funds for something else, the decision must be approved by students. 
  • How long will this be in effect?
      • The fee will be charged once per semester.
      • A positive vote will result in a tuition bill being issued commencing this fall semester. 
  • What is the total amount of money raised?
      • Roughly $700,00 per academic year.
      • The student body will be the single largest contributor to the return of Football, Bowling, and Rifle. 
  • Why isn't football coming back in 2016 if I have to pay now?
      • Fees must be collected to ensure that there is an adequate amount of funds when all three sports return. Collecting these fees will help facilitate decisions regarding facility enhancements, making sure that our programs are competitive within their respective conferences for year to come. 
      • Football and bowling are not returning immediately in order to provide sufficient time to recruit and train quality players to set the Blazers up for successful season upon the return of the sports.
  • I don't attend sporting events; why should I pay?
      • Supporting Athletics means supporting the university. This vote will help grow the university and student life. Successful athletic programs foster support for other UAB Programs.
      • At similar peer universities, athletic programs are supported by Student Fees.
      • Athletic traditions foster alumni and community support across all programs of UAB, spreading the impact across multiple facets of campus.
  • Why can't the fee go towards building maintenance or building enhancements?
      • The extra $25/semester/student will NOT support any of the Athletic Facility projects.
      • There are funds already earmarked for building improvements on our campus.
      • This fee is one way to ensure that funds do not have to be diverted from other initiatives to sustain Athletics.
      • A strong athletic program will enhance other parts of campus.
      • There are many plans currently in the works to upgrade buildings, which have their own projected budgets independent of this fee.
  • Has President Watts and/or anyone else in the administration contributed money? 
      • Yes, President Watts and the cabinet members at UAB have all made leadership donations.
  • Does any portion of the tuition and fees support Athletics at UAB?
      • Yes currently about $159 per student per Fall and Spring semester is used to support Athletics. Because these fees support Athletics, Students can attend UAB regular season Athletic events using their UAB One-card.  

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