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Official Statement in Regard to the CSS Report

   After analyzing the completed CSS Report on the feasibility of reinstating and sustaining the football, bowling, and rifle programs at UAB, the Undergraduate Student Government Association supports the National Alumni Society and all other stakeholders in publicly call- ing for these three sports to return. We are extremely grateful for the hard work of the Athletics Assessment Task Force and the countless hours that the student, faculty, and alumni members committed to ensuring that there is adequate financial support to return football, bowling, and rifle. USGA is also grateful for the amazing amount of pledges by public and private donors. We are confident that there will be continued donor support in the coming days and that all questions on whether these three sports are feasible will be put to rest. As the National Alumni Society and College Sports Solutions both state, these programs are integral to a holistic student life experience and vitally important to current and prospective students. It is our mission to be the collective voice of the undergraduate student body and we strongly urge that football, bowling, and rifle return to UAB.

- President Garrett Stephens

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Additional Support for the Reinstatement of Football, Bowling, and Rifle

     Today, May 12, 2015, the Undergraduate Student Government Association Senators approved a resolution stating that there is student support to increase student fees by $25 a semester to reinstate football, bowling, and rifle. This increase, based on 11,000 undergraduate students, would result in an annual amount of $550,000 for the fall and spring terms. Though the passing of this resolution cannot be enacted without the implementation by the administration, it demonstrates that there is support not only from the city of Birmingham, faculty, and alumni, but also from students. We hope that this sends a strong message to administration and all those watching UAB during this time that those who want change are not just a vocal few. I applaud our amazing group of senators for taking time out of their busy summers to reach out to their respective constituents and answer their questions while asking their own. I look forward to working with this diligent group as this administration moves forward.

- Garrett Stephens
  USGA President

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To View Resolution, SU-01-15: Additional Support for Reinstatement of Football, Bowling and Rifle, click 

UAB Athletics Donations

The Athletics Assessment Task Force, chartered by President Watts to assess the Carr Report and the feasibility of bringing back football, bowling, and rifle, is chairing a fundraising to gauge monetary support from the Birmingham community. Anyone ranging from students, alumni, community members, and all other stakeholders can donate. In order for your donations to be officially recognized by UAB, you must fill out the Official UAB Gift Agreement Form. If you have previously filled out the Football Foundation form, please convert it to this new form. We ask that you complete this form as soon as possible. If the gift agreements are filled out in time, the demonstrated financial support can be incorporated into the College Sports Solution (CSS) report, which will be released on May 15th. All donations will be returned in full if the Football, Bowling, and Rifle programs are not reinstated by January 1st , 2016. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Brad Hardekopf in the Blazer Boosters office at 205-996-5219 or at hardebp@uab.edu.
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