3.2.2 Freshman Forum

Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee serves all students of UAB by publicizing USGA events. The mission of the Publicity Committee is to effectively and efficiently promote events so students can plan for and attend events funded by their student service fees. The publicity committee works with all other standing committees within the USGA as well as administrators to report events to students. Look for flyers on campus, in the Kaleidoscope, Facebook, Twitter, or check the website for USGA events.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee primarily handles the external financial affairs of the student government. The Finance Committee is responsible for allocating a portion of the student service fees to various student organizations on campus. Representatives from student organizations that meet the constitutional criteria come to a Budget Hearing held every semester. At the Budget Hearing, the representative is asked about the organization that he/she represents and about the events that funds are being requested for. The committee then creates a Budget Bill for the following semester based on requests from the Budget Hearing. Once the USGA Senate and the administration approve the Budget Bill, organizations are funded for their events on a reimbursement basis.

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee builds school unity for students by hosting student interactive activities. The job of the Programs Committee is to host fun-filled events that allow students to meet and greet other students. Some of the programs of the committee include Wing Fling, Halloween on the Green, and the Midnight Breakfast during finals. This year, the goal of the Programs Committee is to increase student participation on the committee and at the events. By participating with the Programs Committee, students develop leadership skills that they can use in the workforce, with other organizations, and after graduation.

Services Committee

The Services Committee provides additional services to the student body of UAB that are not covered by any other campus programs. Some events sponsored by the Services Committee throughout the year including a trip for students to go to one sporting event per semester, Parking Amnesty Day, and a Housing Fair for students to get information about off-campus housing.

Mental Health Awareness Program Committee

The MHAP Committee promotes dialogue among students about mental health. Through programs and initiatives, this committee seeks to decrease the stigma associated with mental illness, raise awareness for the signs and symptoms of mental illness, and encourage students to seek help for mental distress. This year, committee members will work towards empowering students with the resources and training necessary to accomplish these goals.