3.2.2 Freshman Forum

September 17th, 2014 - Peyton Chandler

Meet USGA’s MVP: Most Valuable Peyton.
Peyton Chandler currently serves on USGA in two capacities: both as a Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences and as the Internship Coordinator on the Executive Cabinet.

2014 09 16 Peyton
A junior Professional Writing and Public Discourse major and Business Management minor, Chandler has been a part of UAB’s USGA since the Spring of 2014. As the Internship Coordinator, Chandler acts as a liaison between USGA and students who wish to be a part of the Senate by undergoing the internship process and filling open Senate seats.

Chandler oversees the entirety of the internship process: he recruits, interviews, and guides the interns during the three week internship, and then speaks on their behalf when the vote for appointment comes up in the Senate.

Thus far, Chandler has been integral in helping to increase USGA’s transparency and presence on campus, particularly through the internship program.

“I was interested in joining USGA because I have always felt connected to the student body, but not as connected as I could have been. Making the internship process more public and open, and less lengthy and meticulous have been the two biggest goals that I have focused on. I feel that the revised internship program will continue to improve the process of allowing students to seek involvement with USGA,” said Chandler.

Outside of USGA, Chandler serves UAB and the Birmingham community in a variety of spheres. He is a member of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity and the Professional Writing Club at UAB. Through UAB, he volunteered as a part of the Inglenook service learning project, an initiative to help children at Birmingham’s Inglenook Elementary School learn the importance of writing.

In addition, he volunteers six hours a week as a fellowship leader at Birmingham’s DISCO—the Desert Island Supply Company—another initiative that helps promote the importance of writing in schools around Birmingham. Chandler assists in developing activities and putting on writing workshops to aid children across Birmingham, regardless of demographic, in learning to incorporate writing in their everyday lives.

Chandler hopes that his passion for writing will lead to a career. He plans to intern with publications in Birmingham and is a prospective intern for the New York office of Time Magazine this summer. After graduation, his plan is to move to Atlanta pursue his career in writing and publications.