3.2.2 Freshman Forum
Freshman Forum is an initiative by USGA designed to aid students in their development as leaders on UAB's campus. They are taught how to use parliamentary procedures, how to effectively run a meeting, how to manage a group of peers, how to communicate professionally to administrators and others. Freshman Forum works closely with the Legislative Branch of the USGA.

Freshman Forum Website
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Freshman Forum is an elite group of freshmen established to develop leadership skills & promote the interests of all freshmen.
It's an exciting way for new Blazers to:

  • Become involved in the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA)
  • Build strong leadership skills
  • Gain an awareness of campus resources
  • Make new friends

Freshman Forum Application Deadline: September 5th, 2014


For more information, please contact the Freshman Forum Directors:
Miles Erbe: merbe123@uab.edu
MaryRose Kammer: mkammer@uab.edu