Sterne Library Resources

UAB's Mervyn Sterne Library offers a number of fantastic resources to assist you with research projects. The library provides a number of research guides for researchers at all levels, as well as face-to-face support and assistance via email, chat, and phone. We encourage students working on research papers to take advantage of the UWC's central location in Sterne Library. For example, you could meet with a UWC tutor to brainstorm topics for your research paper and then sit down with a librarian to get help finding sources for the topic you select. Or, you could start by working with a librarian to find sources, hang out in Starbucks while you read what you found, and then see a UWC tutor for help with synthesizing those sources into your writing.

Please visit the full Sterne Library website to see everything that is available. You might also look at the full list of Research Guides or the Undergraduate Research Toolkit. Below are just a few specific resources that we think you might find particularly helpful.

Purdue Online Writing Lab

The Purdue OWL offers a number of free online resources for research. Please visit the OWL soon to see all that's available. Below are just a few resources that might be especially useful for those working on research writing.