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University Overview

The University of Alabama at Birmingham pursues the frontiers of education, research and health care within a bold, collaborative culture that strives to be first, best and one-of-a-kind.

Our story is one of remarkable growth in size, quality, reputation and impact. From humble beginnings as an extension center, UAB — which became an autonomous campus in 1969 — has grown to offer 137 degree programs in Arts & Sciences, Business, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Health Professions, Medicine, Nursing, Optometry and Public Health.

We have helped transform Birmingham into a nexus of medicine, business, research and development with a thriving arts and cultural scene, and our 21st century campus channels all the energies and opportunities of its metropolitan home.

This dynamic living and learning environment inspires and nurtures achievement, social responsibility and enterprise, and UAB embodies a spirit of discovery that advances knowledge, solves real-world problems and drives economic development.

UAB’s impact on education, health care and quality of life cuts across classes, cultures and continents into inner-city classrooms, rural clinics and far corners of the globe, and our highly diverse faculty and students are embraced as citizens of the world.

Our strategic plan, UAB21, is our pledge to prepare our students and community for the challenges of a new world economy: global literacy, biotechnology and biomedical science, energy, transportation, materials engineering, information technology, computing security and entrepreneurship. These goals are fueling record enrollments, attracting exceptional faculty and strengthening community partnerships.

We approach the future with the same audacious vision that led our founders to dream big dreams and commit to this mission: To educate, advance research and discovery, care for the sick, respond to the needs of our community and use knowledge to establish Alabama as a progressive economic center that can change the world.

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