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Policy Compliance: Accrediting Decisions of Other Agencies

Applicable Policy Statement. Any institution seeking or holding accreditation from more than one U.S. Department of Education recognized accrediting body must describe itself in identical terms to each recognized accrediting body with regard to purpose, governance, programs, degrees, diplomas, certificates, personnel, finances, and constituencies, and must keep each institutional accrediting body apprised of any change in its status with one or another accrediting body.

Documentation: The institution should (1) list federally recognized agencies that currently accredit the institution or any of its programs, (2) provide the date of the most recent review by each agency and indicate if negative action was taken by the agency and the reason for such action, (3) provide copies of statements used to describe itself for each of the accrediting bodies, (4) indicate any agency that has terminated accreditation, the date, and the reason for termination, and (5) indicate the date and reason for the institution voluntarily withdrawing accreditation with any of the agencies.

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Off-site Committee Comments

All academic programs eligible for specialized accreditation are accredited and in good standing. The University of Alabama Birmingham provided a table with each accrediting body, the date of the next review and for some programs, links to copies of statements used to describe itself for an accrediting body. However, statements were not included for the medical psychology program, music, theater, dietetic internship or School of Public Health. No sample documents notifying SACSCOC of accrediting decisions were included in the documents provided.


Institutional Response


The primary manner that UAB describes itself with regard to federally recognized accrediting agencies and other accreditors is the annually-updated Facts & Figures. The federally recognized accrediting agencies have been highlighted in the Facts & Figures 2013-2014. UAB may also describe its accreditation status in catalogs and on websites. Web sources showing accreditation status for the five programs cited by the Off-Site Committee are shown on the table below. 


Accredited Program or School   Date of Last Accreditation Review Federally Recognized Accrediting Agency  Termination Action or Withdrawal Other Descriptions of Accreditation Status
Medical Psychology 


American Psychological Association

No  Accreditation - Medical Psychology


National Association of Schools of Music

No  Accreditation - Music


National Association of Schools of Theatre

No  Accreditation - Theatre
 Dietetic Internship


Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics

Accreditation - Dietetics 
School of Public Health 


Council on Education for Public Health

 Accreditation - School of Public Health


UAB has not been required to notify SACSCOC of accrediting decisions since the institution has not had accreditation terminated nor has it voluntarily withdrawn accreditation from a federally recognized agency.


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