Campus Assistive Technology Accessibility

Sterne Library- Resource Area

2 computers set up as Adaptive Workstations

  • one has a scanner, Kurzweil 3000, JAWS 10, OpenBook 7, and ZoomText 9.
  • one has Dragon NS 7.3, JAWS 10, OpenBook 7 and ZoomText 9
  • both are dedicated computers used only as Adaptive Workstations
    • have wheelchair accessible study rooms in the library
    • We have traditionally kept the Adaptive Workstations near to the Reference/Information Desk to have help closer at hand for anyone using the Workstations.

Lister Hill Library

  • Visit their Accessibility Page here.  

Department of Physics

  • One computer with Zoomtext


Department of MathematicsMath Resource Lab-

  • One computer with Zoomtext, 2 adjustable tables


Department of Psychology

  • Zoomtext on numerous computers
  • One adjustable table