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Cassidy Nolan

Junior Hueytown, AL

Hueytown, AL

Elementary Education



Favorite UAB tradition
The Homecoming parade because students come together and celebrate all aspects of our university. Many organizations are highlighted, and school spirit is evident, and it makes me proud to be a Blazer.
Favorite thing to do in Birmingham
Visit the coffee shops and study with friends. Sometimes you need to change the scenery when studying, and Birmingham has plenty of spots to do that.
What UAB means to me
It means tradition, family, achievement, and so much more. I have had the opportunity for so many outstanding experiences, and I have seen UAB's values represented so passionately. Each student truly understands UAB's values, and this campus is a family. UAB is my home away from home, and I'm proud of to call myself a Blazer.

I’m passionate about
Student involvement because it has made my experiences at UAB 10 times more memorable
Thank you for connecting with me! I'll be in touch soon. Go Blazers!

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