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Danna Mahdi

Junior Huntsville, AL

Huntsville, AL

Health Care Management



I chose UAB because
UAB was always my goal throughout my time in high school. I always visited UAB when my eldest sister went here and I fell in love with it every time I came. As I got older I started looking at UAB in a more serious sense and I had a huge appreciation for the diversity on campus. I tend to stand out because of my hijab but visiting UAB made me feel like I fit in somewhere, regardless of how different I am. I ultimately chose UAB because I truly felt I’d be happy here.
Best thing you've ate in Birmingham?
The brown sugar milk tea boba at Kokee Tea. I’m absolutely obsessed with it.
Most surprising thing you have learned or experienced at UAB?
I genuinely had no idea how many academic and campus life resources we have at our disposal. It’s honestly amazing. Anything I could need, UAB has something to help me. If I need help with writing I can go to the writing center. If I need a tutor I can go to the VMASC. If I need to get across campus and I don’t want to walk I can take the Blazer Express. There’s so much more and we have access to all of this just by being students at UAB.

I’m interested in
TrailBlazers, Pre-Dental Honors Society, Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society
I’m passionate about
Reading (I spend a lot of time on BookTok), Social Justice, Mental Health

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