Devin Sherman

Hometown: Leeds, Alabama
Year: Senior
Major: Spanish and Criminal Justice

Get to know Devin

I am passionate about...I am passionate about inclusivity. Making sure people feel welcome or open to speak without judgement is the easiest thing you can do for not just yourself, but your peers :) I am also pretty passionate about being a LEO
I am interested in (affiliated student organizations/groups on campus)...UAB Mens Club Volleyball, Spanish Club, and Queer Peers
I chose UAB because...UAB offered the diverse community I had in high school. You learn so much from the people around you and being culturally aware allows you to connect with people from a different perspective. UAB also is a university that's fun and lets you make memories, yet becoming successful in all you accomplish!
Favorite thing to do in Birmingham?One of my favorite things to do in Birmingham is go to local events that take place. There's always a farmer's market, a festival, or fundraiser going on that brings the local community together!
Best class you have taken at UAB?One of the best classes I have taken at UAB would be an Honors Seminar I took called Quest for Integrity. I learned a lot about myself and the importance of the inner work you have to do to keep yourself ahead.
Favorite UAB memory?Taking Zumba and Hip Hop classes at the Rec center. It is so fun to dance and let loose, while getting some cardio in. I meet so many people and establish genuine connections without the hindrance of surface level interactions on a weekly basis.
Best thing you've ate in Birmingham?Probably the Birria tacos from the restaurant, El Barrio.
Biggest college/adult related fear you have overcome at UAB?Maintaining an image of yourself that others hold, instead of the one you are experiencing day to day
Describe something new you tried or did at UAB and how it made you feel.I tried out for the Bhangra team here at UAB. Bhangra is a classical Indian dance style that originated from Punjab. I wouldn't truly be able to explain that without that experience and it felt nice to be so accepted within a culture that was for the most part unknown.
What does UAB mean to you?UAB to me, means change. Some of the biggest changes in my life have all been during my time in college, but UAB has been a constant. Whether it be the stability of living in the residence halls freshman year or the instability of changing my major quite often, UAB was the guiding hand.
Something I am looking forward to at UAB is...I am looking forward to graduation and becoming apart of the large UAB alumni network!
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