Jaden Mosley

Hometown: Marietta, GA
Year: Senior
Major: Biomedical Sciences

Get to know Jaden

I am passionate about...I am passionate about pursuing a career in healthcare devoted to serving vulnerable communities. My time at UAB has opened me up to so many opportunities and allowed me to meet people from all different walks of life! I can’t wait to take everything I’ve learned here with me as I step into the next chapter of life.
I am interested in (affiliated student organizations/groups on campus)...School of Health Professions Ambassadors, Pre-PA Society
Favorite UAB tradition?My favorite UAB tradition is homecoming week! There are so many different events and activities happening all over campus. I love getting to spend time with my friends celebrating this amazing university and making memories that will last forever! My specific favorite event of homecoming is definitely the homecoming parade. Whether you’re apart of the parade or cheering from the sidelines, it’s always so much fun.
Favorite thing to do in Birmingham?My favorite thing to do in Birmingham is going to concerts around the city! There are so many super cool concert venues like Saturn or Avondale Brewing Company, that host smaller artists and bands. I love grabbing dinner with friends and then heading to enjoy some good music.
Biggest college/adult related fear you have overcome at UAB?I’m happy to say that I’ve overcome the fear of asking for help! Before coming to UAB, I was on the more shy side, nervous to speak up or ask for help when needed. The support system at UAB has helped me to understand that asking for help is a strength rather than a weakness. I’ve become so much more confident in my voice and my abilities, and it’s opened so many doors for me. I know that UAB can do the same for you!
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