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Jeetesh Kunche

Senior Mobile, AL

Mobile, AL

Biomedical Engineering
Computer Science



Favorite thing to do in Birmingham
My favorite thing to do is eat. The city has such a wide variety of quality food locations. It's honestly overwhelming at times, but I'd rather have that than too few options.
Favorite UAB memory
My favorite memory would definitely be when I participated in the 2019 Diwali show as MC. The thought of doing comedy skits in front of nearly 2,000 people scared me at first, but the experience ultimately helped me grow out of my shell.
Best thing I've eaten in Birmingham
There are so many amazing places to eat in Birmingham, but I would say the best food I have had is from the taco truck on Green Springs next to the Chevron gas station. Their authentic tacos are unlike any others, and I find myself always making space for them.

I’m passionate about
playing guitar and piano
I’m interested in
Indian Cultural Association&Honors College SMART Leader&Science and Technology Honors Program
Thank you for connecting with me! I'll be in touch soon. Go Blazers!

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