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Karthik Reddy

Senior Madison, AL

Madison, AL

Neuroscience and Philosophy
Chemistry and Business Administration



Favorite UAB tradition
Gurney Derby. During Homecoming week, every student organization races each other on gurneys to try to win during this huge rally.
Best class I’ve taken at UAB
Tough decision because all my classes have been great, but honors public speaking with Dr. McCornack really forced me to come out of my shell and made me realize all the faults I had when I gave presentations.
Best thing I’ve eaten in Birmingham
Açaí bowls. Farm Bowl has the best in town, and don't let anyone else convince you otherwise.

I’m passionate about
research&advocacy&the BBQ nachos from Full Moon
I’m interested in
student government&Best Buddies&Pi Kappa Phi&the Science and Technology Honors Program

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