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Katie Young

Senior Memphis, TN

Memphis, TN

Political Science
Human Rights



Favorite thing to do in Birmingham
Going to concerts or going out for ice cream.
Best class I’ve taken at UAB
Introduction to Interpersonal Communication with Dr. McCornack and Dr. Morrison.
Biggest college/adult-related fear I’ve overcome at UAB
I didn't know anyone when I moved to Birmingham, and I was so scared that I wouldn't make friends. I am 3.5 hours from my family, but I have learned how to live on my own and have made a completely new circle of friends here at UAB.

I’m passionate about
making people feel welcome at UAB&letting people know how fun Birmingham is (the Jonas Brothers and Mountain Brook Creamery)&The Bachelor
I’m interested in
Kappa Delta sorority&GCL Honors Program&Church of the Highlands college ministry

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