Lillie Garrett

Hometown: Chelsea, AL
Year: Junior
Major: Genetics & genomic sciences
Minor: Chemistry and Psychology

Get to know Lillie

I am passionate about...Making people feel welcome, antiquing, my faith, and dirty chai!!
I am interested in (affiliated student organizations/groups on campus)...Resident Assistants, Honors College, TrailBlazers
Favorite UAB tradition?So incredibly underrated, but SPRING FLING! It's this event that UAB Dining hosts each spring around finals week; they put up giant inflatables, have water slides, get a flower truck, and of course have amazing BBQ, cotton candy, snowcones, and watermelon. It's just the perfect break during a stressful time for students, and my friends and I have had the best time each year at it.
Favorite thing to do in Birmingham?I love concerts in Birmingham!! Birmingham has the prettiest outdoor and indoor venues, my favorite being Saturn because of the super cool lights, and it's easily become one of my favorite parts about living here. Experiences were something I wanted to make sure I had plenty of when I came to college, and being able to go to so many different concerts without leaving the city has enhanced my time here.
Best thing you've ate in Birmingham?If you are a coffee person, you have to try June. I'm so committed to them that I waited in line for them to open on their first birthday. Their chai is IMPECCABLE!
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