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Matt Quarnstrom

Senior Pelham, AL

Pelham, AL

Civil Engineering



Favorite UAB tradition
I love the Gurney Derby that takes place every Homecoming. It’s so fun to run up and down 13th Street with hospital gurneys, and it is probably the most unique tradition at our school.
Best class I've taken at UAB
I love my construction management class. My professor was Dr. Zech, who has worked in the construction industry for many years, and he helped me secure multiple interviews at construction firms throughout the Birmingham area. I now have a co-op with my dream company.
Best thing I’ve eaten in Birmingham
I love the mac-and-cheese grilled cheese from Melt. Especially when you add bacon to it.

I’m passionate about
construction&helping make others feel good
I’m interested in
TrailBlazers&Chi Epsilon Delta

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