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Reilyn Intemann

Senior Fort Mill, SC

Fort Mill, SC




I chose UAB because
It was the perfect fit. I could never put it into words because it is so different from what I said I wanted when I was touring schools, but when I stepped on campus, it felt like home, and everyone immediately became my community and family. I continue to choose the opportunity and diversity that are on campus and in the city as well as the amazing medical facilities and staff that have quite literally been my lifesavers.
Best thing I've eaten in Birmingham
Yo’ Mama’s chicken and waffles (gluten free, of course)—good old Southern cooking by the sweetest ladies.
Biggest college/adult-related fear I’ve overcome at UAB
Doing things without my parents. Whether it is going to doctor’s appointments or traveling home, I wasn't used to doing these things alone, and it was really intimidating at first. Last spring I was going through a really rough patch with a heart condition, and it was the first time I had to really advocate for myself.

I’m passionate about
Sharing my love for the place I have now made home with prospective students and helping them find their #uabwhy.
I’m interested in
Honors College&volunteering with children&Dance Marathon

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