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Remy Stuckey

Senior Huntsville, AL

Huntsville, AL

Genetics and Genomic Sciences



Favorite thing to do in Birmingham
Explore. I have been visiting Birmingham my whole life and lived here for two years, and I am always being introduced to something new. Birmingham is a big food city, so I love trying out new and popular restaurants of all kinds. I am also a huge coffee person, and this city has no shortage of amazing coffee shops. I've made it my mission to try as many as possible. Finally, I love the outdoors. Although Birmingham is urban, there are parks and hiking trails everywhere. Each time I go somewhere new, I get to see a whole different view of the city.
Best class I've taken at UAB
The best was a molecular genetics class that I took my freshman year. It was a research-based course that was centered around hands-on laboratory work. My classmates and I were able to work with the Hugh Kaul Precision Medicine Institute to learn more about rare genetic diseases in humans. Then we spent the semester using different tools to modify the genes of zebrafish to reflect these diseases. It was really amazing to be able to do that research as a freshman and see results. We were even able to present our work at the UAB Expo for undergraduate research. Opportunities like these are one of the reasons I chose UAB.
Biggest college/adult-related fear I’ve overcome at UAB
Asking for help. As an "adult" entering college, I felt like I was supposed to have it all together and be completely independent. I ultimately realized that this was not the case. There was a lot I didn’t know, especially when it came to furthering my education and experiences outside of the classroom. It took me until my sophomore year to finally reach out to faculty and advisors for guidance, and I wish I had done it sooner. These people helped guide me toward research opportunities and even a master’s program. If you’re ever feeling lost or unsure, don’t hesitate to ask for help, even if it’s not academic, and there will be someone more than willing to help you along the way.

I’m passionate about
Good coffee. One of my favorite things about Birmingham is its abundance of unique—and amazing—coffee shops. My goal is to visit as many as possible and find the best coffee shop in town.&On a more serious note, I am also passionate about empowering others to feel supported in their goals and in the pursuit of such. Choosing a potential career and pursuing a path in college can be difficult and confusing, but with the support and encouragement of others, I think it can be a lot of fun. I'm thankful that UAB and everyone involved have created that supportive community for students.
I’m interested in
Science and Technology Honors Program&Language Without Barriers&undergraduate research

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