AEIVA Rental Policy

The AEIVA lecture hall and atrium is available for rental for various events. The lecture hall holds up to 64 seats comfortably with an additional 36 chairs that can span out into the lobby area. The atrium/lobby area can accommodate up to 100 individuals in a standing capacity with catering tables and hi-boys scattered around.

The following types of events are not permitted at AEIVA:

  • fundraisers for entities outside UAB
  • political events
  • religious events
  • live or silent auctions
  • commercial/promotional events
  • events where entrance requires the advance or on-site purchase of a ticket, i.e. ticketed performances or events advertised to the general public

All events must be booked a minimum of 60 days in advance of the desired rental date. Requests made by UAB schools, departments, academic divisions and agencies may be submitted 45 days prior to the event date, subject to the approval of AEIVA administration.



UAB RateNon-UABRoom Name 
$750 $1,200 Atrium (lobby and lecture hall)  
$400 $600 Lecture Hall (101) audience
$400 $600 Lobby (100) standing
$10 $15 Tables 5ft rectangles / 60in rounds
TBD TBD AV Support Mics, PA, panel setup, staging, enhanced AV, etc
$150 $250 Setup / Strike Labor TBD
$150 $250 Housekeeping (required for receptions) 4 hour call
$400 per officer $500 per officer Security (required for alcohol service) 4 hour call
$100 $150 Parking 15D Do Not Cite subject to availability
$200 $300 Parking Zone F Do Not Cite subject to availability
$800 $1,000 Parking - Reserved spaces, attendant subject to availability


Event Preparation

All catering, tables, and chairs will need to be rented or provided by the entity booking the space. There is a catering area for use with a worktable, warming cabinet, sink, ice maker, freezer, and refrigerator. All cleanups are the responsibility of the hosting entity.

All food and drink should be provided by a catering company of the renter’s choice. The renter is responsible for all set-up and cleanup for their event. Food and drinks are prohibited in ALL of the galleries.

All deliveries should take place on the day of the event. Deliveries must be scheduled with the program coordinator; any unscheduled delivery could possibly be refused. Deliveries must be made through the loading dock unless otherwise cleared with the program coordinator.

Setup for private events can begin at 9 a.m. on the day of the event; earlier times may be requested in special circumstances. The setup and dismantling of decorations should not disrupt the public use of the facility. Please review your decoration plans with the program coordinator. If your event necessitates moving the front desk from the lobby area, an extra $100 fee will be applied. 

Vendors and/or clients must bring their own equipment (ladders, rolling carts, extension cords, etc.), as AEIVA does not provide this equipment. Vendors and/or clients are responsible for removing all decorations and equipment from the premises at the conclusion of the event. The AEIVA maintenance staff will clean the facility once all decorations have been removed.

Approval for music will be made on a case-by-case basis contingent on the building’s academic schedule.

Equipment Rental & Support

Minimal IT support is available if needed to connect a presentation to the AV equipment. If more than minimal support is required, the rate charged will be $100 per hour.

Four 5-foot rectangle tables and four 5-foot round tables are available to rent at $10 per table. Linens for tables are not included and are unavailable to rent.

Included in our lecture hall is a podium with a gooseneck microphone and a projector with a screen and audio.

Facility Rules

At no time are the gallery areas to be disturbed in any way that might prove harmful to the galleries or its collections. Walls are not to be touched with decorations. Nothing can be taped, nailed, or pinned onto walls, nor can there be any decorations suspended from the track lighting systems. All decorations must be free standing. Candles, sparklers, and smoke machines are not allowed in the facility.

Photography is allowed in the Lecture Hall and Atrium/Lobby area of AEIVA, but flash photography isn't allowed anywhere in the facility. Additionally, certain shows will not allow any type of photography. AEIVA reserves the right to refuse photography of any kind in the galleries.

Parking & Security

Parking is available behind the building in the UAB student lot 15D. To block off the parking area at the expense of the event sponsor, please notify the program coordinator two weeks in advance. Should the client wish to hire a valet service, the valet company must contact the program coordinator to establish the proper traffic logistics.

AEIVA does not have its own security and maintenance staff. All events where alcohol is being served require UAB Police presence. If security is needed, arrangements may be made with the UAB Police Department or UAB Facilities. If you would like the current exhibition to be open during your event, you may be asked to supply guards to monitor the galleries.

The facility has very limited storage areas, and AEIVA will not store any materials overnight and assumes no liability for such items.

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