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In 2016, the UAB National Alumni Society started a new tradition. The tradition bridges UAB's past to its present, recognizing the bridge forged between parents who graduated from the university and their currently enrolled students.

More than 40 current UAB students and their families took part in the second-ever Legacy Pinning Ceremony at the UAB Alumni House in October 2017. The special and sometimes emotional ceremony gave second-generation UAB students an opportunity to bridge the past to the present. UAB alumni parents placed a pin on their child's lapel. The ceremony provided the families a chance to connect one generation to another, making UAB a family tradition.

This fall, the NAS hosted the 2nd annual Legacy Pinning Ceremony on Friday, October 13, 2017 as part of Family Weekend at UAB. The ceremony once again provided an opportunity to bridge family legacies from one generation to another.

UAB legacy families are multi-generational VIPs and the NAS is honored to represent the growing community. 

Are you part of a Legacy Family? Let us know here!

Take a look back at the 2017 Legacy Pinning Ceremony HERE