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The Alumni Affairs Office serves as the link between alumni and the University. Our office receives hundreds of calls every month from alumni who have questions ranging from “When is the next home basketball game?” to “How do I find my old college roommate?”

Our office staff also serves as the support for the National Alumni Society Board of Directors. We are here to help them better serve you. If you ever need our assistance, we are here for you. Your chapter can consider our office your link to UAB, no matter where you are.

If you are interested in starting a chapter your next step is to review the Chapter Manual. If you determine that you are interested in forming a chapter the next steps are: 

  • Contact Claire Jackson at 205-934-3555 or email at cwjacks@uab.edu.
  • Become a UAB National Alumni Society member (if you’re not already). All chapter leaders must be current members. Join online.
  • Go to the Chapter page, to find out if there is an active chapter in your geographic area (within a 50 mile radius of your city).

The information below is written for chapter leaders who wish to pursue sanctioning of their chapter.

This manual should:

  • Provide the chapter leader with insight on establishing a chapter and provide the tools easily to do so.
  • Be a reference for seasoned leaders hoping to benefit from the experience of others.

Chapter Manual

Click the topic heading for more information:

Types of Alumni Chapters

Geographic Chapters:

  • A chapter of the UAB National Alumni Society may be located anywhere provided that at least 150 UAB graduates live within a 50 mile radius of the city, town or county where it is to be established.
  • It is the Society’s policy that the geographic chapter’s name reflects its actual location, i.e., Greater Atlanta UAB Alumni Chapter, Gadsden/Anniston Alumni Chapter, etc.

List of Alabama Geographic Chapters

List of National Geographic Chapters

Constituent Chapters:

  • Graduates of a particular school or program may wish to form a chapter based on common academic or vocational interests. Plans for the organization and operation of chapters must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors of the UAB National Alumni Society.
  • Any constituent chapter organized along academic lines should also require the approval of the affected dean.

International Chapters:

  • The Board of Director’s reserves the right to recognize groups of alumni in foreign countries who wish to affiliate with the National Alumni Society. The Board also reserves the right to waive any or all of the qualifying requirements for such groups as it deems appropriate.

Affiliate Organizations:

  • Affiliate Organizations are the Alumni Associations for graduate and professional programs that were established prior to the development of the UAB National Alumni Society.
    Members of these organizations receive full benefits of belonging to both the designated alumni group as well as the National Alumni Society.

Foreign affiliate chapters and constituent associations may be established by the Board of Directors upon receipt of an appropriate application from such groups. In addition, the support of the appropriate academic vice president, subject to the approval of the president of the University, is required.

Roles and Purpose of Alumni Chapters

  • Extend the University of Alabama at Birmingham physically, intellectually, and socially beyond the boundaries of the campus and the City of Birmingham.
  • Renew and Encourage UAB friendships and engagement.
  • Promote membership in the UAB National Alumni Society. Memberships sustain chapter activities and are a critical link between members and the university.
  • Promote activities that are beneficial to UAB such as student recruitment, scholarship fundraising, and career networking and student send-off parties.
  • Provide on-going presence of UAB within the community by assisting with local community projects.
  • Serve as the channel of communication between alumni and the university by informing local chapter members of progress and challenges at UAB.
  • Bring UAB to your community by featuring outstanding faculty, administration, professional staff and student talent as speakers at local chapter events.
  • Assist with address updated by informing the Alumni Affairs Office of members who have relocated and/or changed careers.


An opportunity for networking with other alumni and remaining connected with YOUR Alma Mater!

How to Start a new Alumni Chapter

Any group that wishes to be recognized as an official UAB Alumni Chapter must first complete the chapter petition (included in the forms section of the manual). A minimum of 10 signatures of UAB alumni and friends that are currently active in the UAB National Alumni Society and are willing to support the local chapter must be obtained. By calling the Alumni Affairs Office, we can provide you with a list of alumni in your area that you can contact to begin obtaining these signatures. This will provide you with common ground to approach these alumni and make the “ask” for their support.

Upon obtaining the required signatures, the petition and a letter from the chapter should be submitted to the current Society president for presentation. A sample of the letter requesting chapter status is included in the forms section of this manual.

Factors to be considered by the Board of Directors will include:

  • The number of potential members in the geographic area or discipline being considered.
  • Potential conflict with other Alumni Chapters in the local area.
  • Level of pride and commitment of those making application and the likelihood of sustaining that commitment and pride over a period of time.

With approval of the NAS Board of Directors, a chapter leadership committee should be formed consisting of 5-7 alumni. An organization meeting will be scheduled where goals, plans, and future events and activities should be discussed.

Tips on Being a Successful Alumni Chapter

  1. Conduct regular meetings of the leadership committee, at least quarterly.
  2. Create an activities schedule, planned and announced to the membership early in the year.
  3. Promote and publicize your activities.
  4. Develop interesting and varied program to touch as many interest groups as possible.
  5. Keep an up-to-date alumni listing. Advise the Office of Alumni Affairs of changes regularly.
  6. Develop a broad base of leadership and involve as many alumni as possible.
  7. Assist UAB in student recruitment in your area.
  8. Consider funding a chapter scholarship for a student attending UAB from your local area.
  9. Evaluate each event in a timely manner. Identify reasons for success or lack of success.
  10. Report club activities to the Office of Alumni Affairs.
  11. Utilize the unique and special talents and abilities of the alumni and friends in your chapter.
  12. Share your successes with other chapters.
  13. Be Creative. Chapters that develop the most innovative program are the most successful!
  14. Respond to the special needs of your demographic area.
  15. Conduct at least two annual events.
  16. Don’t judge the success of your program purely on the number of alumni and friends attending one event. It’s the whole program that counts.
  17. Recognize and reward those who do a good job.
  18. Keep your chapter financially sounds through increasing membership and chapter gifts.
  19. Make sure a chapter leadership committee member greets everyone who attends an event personally. Make them want to continue to participate!

Policies and Procedures

After a UAB Alumni Chapter has become chartered, basic tasks must be fulfilled. Chapter Membership goals, chapter activities, and reporting are all part of those tasks. The expectations of each of these areas are outlined below. Copies of these manual and required reports are also available online at www.uab.edu/alumni.

Chapter Name:

According to the UAB National Alumni Society Bylaws, each chapter must use the name of its geographical or constituent based area in the naming of the chapter. That is, each UAB Alumni Chapter shall be known as the UAB (name of city, county, area, school, or program to be inserted) Alumni Chapter.


UAB Alumni Chapters are for all UAB alumni and friends. The UAB National Alumni Society is dependent upon dues-paying members. These funds provide necessary financial support to carry on services and programs needed for an effective Alumni Chapter Program. Therefore, it is required that members of an Alumni Chapter must first be a member of the UAB NAS. For membership types, refer to the included NAS Bylaws. It should be noted that chapters may have additional qualifications for membership so long as they do not conflict.

At any time, an alumni chapter should have a minimum of 15 active members to continue as a formally recognized chapter of the National Alumni Society. If chapter membership decreases below 15 members, the chapter will be alerted and allowed one year from the date of notice to increase membership to the required level before the official charter will be revoked.

Geographical Limit and Jurisdiction:

A UAB Alumni Chapter can be located anywhere in the nation or world. However, as stated in the National Alumni Society Bylaws, there must be at least 150 alumni within a 50 mile geographic radius or from a particular constituent group in order for the chapter to be approved.

Once an alumni chapter has been approved, it has exclusive jurisdiction within its city, county, area, school, or program in all matters pertaining to the National Alumni Society. This requirement helps to prevent overlapping of club program and conflicts in mailing. It also gives each chapter greater awareness.

Chapter Events and Activities:

Each chapter will be required to hold a minimum of one (1) event per year, which must be a membership recruitment effort. Such an event can range from a seated dinner to an informal meeting, picnic, or trip to UAB to attend a sporting event. Creativity with these events is strongly encouraged and will guarantee a better turnout. Additional events are encouraged, but not required. Chapter events and activities should be reported to the UAB Alumni Affairs Office through the chapter events form found in the reports section of this manual. See the Chapter Events and Activities section of this manual for additional planning tips and ideas.

Financial Accounts:

All financial accounts, with the exception of affiliate organizations, must be held within the UAB Alumni Affairs Office. Each chapter is provided its own account within the National Alumni Society upon receiving approval for chapter status. This money in this account can be used at the chapter’s discretion so long as it is used for alumni related activities. All money received by the chapter for membership dues, funds raised, gifts, awards, or sponsorships that are given to the chapter, etc. will be deposited into this account.

When a chapter is ready to begin raising money for scholarships, a separate account will be created allowing for gifts to be made that are tax deductible. Additional provisions may need to be made based on the type of scholarship the chapter chooses to establish. However, a minimum of $150 is required to be in this account at all times.

Reports Provided by the Alumni Chapter

Leadership Committee Report: Each year, the current leadership committee members should be reviewed and rotated as necessary. If your chapter continues to govern with the original officer hierarchy, these elections should also take place on a yearly basis. It is recommended that this be done on either a calendar year or the fiscal year observed by the National Alumni Society, October 1st through September 30th.

Upon appointment/election of new leadership, the Assistant Director of Engagement in the UAB Alumni Affairs Office should be notified (A copy of this Report is included in the forms section of the manual.)

Throughout the year the Alumni Affairs Office must contact club leadership with important information relating to the chapter program, notices of special events, the university in general, athletics, etc. If our records are not up-to-date, the proper notification can’t be made and ultimately can cause the chapter to suffer.

Chapter Meeting Report: Within 2 weeks of an activity or meeting of a UAB Alumni Chapter, a meeting report and attendance list forwarded to the UAB Office of Alumni Affairs. The timely completion of this report will greatly assist the Assistant Director of Engagement in publicizing outstanding chapter events as well as looking at the growth and progress of the chapter. (A copy of this Report is included in the forms section of the manual.)

Yearly Goals Report: Within 45 days of the start of each new year, the Alumni Chapter should provide a completed goals report indicating long and short term goals. This will be a working document, but should be initially decided on by the leadership committee as a guide for the upcoming year.

Club Project Report: To be Determined.

Annual Year End Report: Within 30 days of the Alumni Chapter’s year end, the Annual Year End Report should be submitted to the Assistant Director of Engagement in the Office of Alumni Affairs. All activities throughout the year should be included, as well as the chapter contact or outgoing chapter presidents comments on the accomplishments from the year.

Membership Report: Each quarter the chapter president/ contact person will receive a report from the Office of Alumni Affairs. This report will include the name and contact information for every member of the chapter. It will also include alumni in your area that opted to be a part of the chapter.

Financial Report: The chapter president/contact person will receive a copy of the chapter’s financial report as it has been accounted for through the National Alumni Society. This report will include deposits made from chapter membership dues, funds raised from chapter activities and gifts, awards, or sponsorships the chapter has received.

For each member of the National Alumni Society that elects to be a part of the Alumni Chapter, the chapter will receive $15 of the membership dues per individual or joint membership type. If a member is part of more than one chapter, a primary chapter must be identified; that chapter will receive the chapter portion of the membership dues.

Local Alumni Information: Upon request, a list can be provided to an alumni chapter in order to solicit new members. This list can include the name, contact information, school, major, and graduation dates of all alumni in the local area eligible for chapter membership. Before information is released, an agreement must be signed by the chapter president/contact person stating that the information will only be used for chapter business.

Leadership Committee

Main chapter contact:

  • Maintains contact with Assistant Director of Engagement in the UAB Alumni Affairs Office.
  • Arranges, plans, and presides over Leadership Committee or Board of Directors meeting.
  • Ensure chapter continuity by including involvement from other chapter officers or leadership committee members.
  • Delegates’ tasks for chapter activities.
  • Guides the club in developing its potential.
  • Attends leadership conferences or appoints a chapter member to attend.
  • Supports and encourages new and renewed membership in the National Alumni Society and the chapter.
  • Prepares the Annual Year End Report.

Additional Leadership Committee general tasks:

  • Attend chapter-planning meetings.
  • Lead or assist with chapter event coordination as needed.
  • Lead and serve on various chapter committees as necessary.
  • Support and encourage new and renewed membership in the National Alumni Society and the chapter.

Tasks that will need to be assigned to committee members include:

  • Taking minutes of all chapter meeting.
  • Provide membership updates to the Alumni Affairs Office.
  • Establishing a budget for chapter activities and events.
  • Forwarding monies raised at any chapter activity to the Alumni Affairs Office for deposit into the chapter’s account.
  • Provide information to the UAB Alumni Affairs Office to be included in the eGazette (published monthly) and UAB Alumni Magazine (published twice a year).

Additional Committees

As an alumni chapter grows, more committees may need to be developed to assist the leadership committee in performing necessary duties. These committees can be added as necessary and can be made up of volunteer chapter members, but must be lead by a member of the general leadership committee. These additional committees may include:

Program Planning Committee:

  • This committee completes the arrangements whenever a program is desired for a chapter activity. If a program involving anyone from the UAB Campus is planned, arrangements should be made through the Alumni Affairs Office. Any potential campus speakers MUST not be contacted directly by the chapter.
  • This committee should inform all other committees of the details of an activity or program so they can answer any questions club members or potential members may have.

Telephone Committee:

  • It is the task of this committee to call on alumni and friends who have not responded to invitations reminding them of the event and encouraging them to attend.
  • This committee holds the key to the success of your chapter events. Personal phone calls DO increase attendance!
  • This committee should keep records of those alumni who can’t attend because of previous commitments, but are interested in chapter activities.
  • The committee should assist the Office of Alumni Affairs by verifying/updating addresses whenever contact with a chapter membe is mail.
  • The National Alumni Society can assist this committee at times by allowing the chapter to use the Student Phone Banks to make event follow up calls.

Publicity Committee:
This committee should be made up of members that enjoys or is involved in communication related work. Specific tasks may include:

  • Working with the Alumni Affairs Office to make sure that the events or activities are published in all available communication methods including:
  1. the National Alumni Society Website.
  2. the monthly eGazette.
  3. broadcast emails to your local chapter area.
  • Arranging for publicity prior to and following chapter activities.
  1. Notifying local newspapers to run a short notice as least two (2) days prior to and after the event.
  2. Contacting local radio and television stations for public service announcements advertising the upcoming meeting.
  3. Requesting local press or appropriate news media coverage for the chapter event.
  • Working closely with the Telephone Committee. This committee is vital to the program’s success.

Membership Committee:

  • One of the most important committees is the membership committee. This committee should explore ways of increasing National Alumni Society and chapter membership and should be willing conduct membership campaigns.
  • This committee should work closely with the planning of the membership recruitment event that must be held annually.

Student Recruitment Committee:

  • The main purpose of this committee should be to coordinate activities that promote UAB in the community to encourage potential students to attend UAB.
  • Committee members will work closely with the Alumni Admissions Program, Office of Alumni Affairs and the Admissions Office to represent UAB at local college fairs, student scholarship receptions and student awards ceremonies.

Individual chapters may identify additional committees that need to be added based on each chapters need. Committees can be added if they support the goals set by the chapter and support the goals of the NAS and UAB.

Seven Steps to an Effective Chapter Leadership Committee Meeting

  1. Publish and distribute an agenda for the meeting at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting.
  2. Start and end the meeting on time. You must respect the committee members’ time.
  3. Stick to the agenda.
  4. See that all members of the leadership committee participate in discussion and planning.
  5. Don’t let any one member dominate the entire meeting discussion.
  6. Ensure that assignments for follow-up actions are clearly understood.
  7. Provide minutes in a timely fashion following the meeting.

Planning the Chapters Alumni Events & Activities

Activities bring alumni together to learn, network, help the community, raise funds, for scholarships, and most importantly, have fun in the name of UAB! Local chapters or the National Alumni Society may sponsor activities. When the NAS hosts an event in the local chapter area, the chapter may be asked to assist. When the local club hosts events, primary planning rests with the local leaders with support available from the Alumni Affairs Office. The Alumni Affairs staff is ready to help make your event successful.

In planning your activities, keep in mind:

“What is your goal?” and “What kinds of event will help us reach our goal?”

You must set your goals in order to decide what type of events you will want to host. Whether you are a new chapter or one that has been around for a while, you will always want to increase engagement and membership. Some other goals that chapters have are to improve on student recruitment, scholarship assistance to local students, raise funds, or have more fun! The first few years after establishing a chapter are generally focused on increasing membership and awareness of the chapter and raising funds. Below is a list of goals that may help in planning:

  • Increase Membership
  • Raise Awareness of the Chapter
  • Raise Funds
  • Increase or implement scholarship assistance
  • Improve or implement a student recruitment network
  • Organize more social and networking events

The most important first step in hosting an event is communication your plans to the Assistant Director of Engagement in the Alumni Affairs Office. The Alumni Affairs Office needs at least five (5) weeks notice to produce a mailing for your event. However, it is never too early to call the Alumni staff to start planning an event. Some of the most successful chapters plan all of their events at one time and then modify that plan as necessary. In the “forms” section of this manual, an invitation request form has been included.

Chapter Event & Activity Suggestions

UAB Alumni Chapter events and activities can take on one of many forms. Below is a list of ideas and suggestions that have been used in the past to draw a good turnout of alumni and friends and meet chapter goals.

Event and Activity Ideas:

Buffet or Sit-Down Dinner: Often preceded by a cocktail reception, this event usually features a speaker or a video as the main program.

Picnic/Homemade Ice Cream Social: Great for summer get-togethers for the whole family. This is also a good event for introducing potential UAB students to UAB alumni. Fun and friendship are the main goal of this event.

Forum/Seminar: Event on a selected topic. This type of event is popular with business people and selected segments of your alumni population.

Luncheon Meeting: Work with a civic club and ask a UAB professor to be your guest speaker.

Reception/Happy Hour: Great social/networking get-together with minimal programming. This event can be used as a standing monthly event at a local restaurant in order to get area alumni familiar with each other and the local chapter. This can also be used to as fund raising event by charging a cover charge to alumni for entry into the event.

Wine Tasting Parties: By contacting a local wine distributor, you can host a wine tasting for your alumni chapter. This is a fun way to draw alumni of all ages to an event for socializing and networking.

TV Viewing Party: This is perhaps one of the most popular chapter activities during basketball season. At a home, sports bar or hotel, it’s always fun to watch the Blazers! Watch parties are fairly easy to organize and generate a tremendous amount of pride and engagement. It is best to publicize your gathering time for games as “thirty minutes prior to tip-off because television often preempts the original starting time. It is generally best to choose and stick with one TV watch location each athletic season to avoid confusion. Often the restaurant or bar and grill that you chose will be more than happy to make special accommodations fro your chapter perhaps even make a contribution to your chapter’s account.

Bus Trip/Caravan: Trips to UAB for athletic events or to see a theatre production or museum. Trips to away games can be a lot of fun and who doesn’t like a ROAD TRIP!

Golf or Tennis Tournament: Sponsor these types of events in the spring for the highest interest and response. See advice from the golf course for planning information. The event should be open to the public for great participation with a discounted rate offered to alumni chapter members. This would be a good event to hold annually to build a solid reputation.

Casino Night: These events cane as simple or elaborate as the chapter would like for them to be. They typically consist of silent auctions, gambling tables, live cash auctions, live chip auctions or a raffle. A live band or disc jockey can be present to make it fun for participants. Dinner or heavy hors d’oeuvres can be service. These events need to be planned well in advance, and they require a strong commitment from organized volunteers.

**The above social events will also be able to serve as great membership recruitment events in order to help meet your goal of increasing membership.

If a UAB campus speaker is required for your chapter’s event, the Office of Alumni Affairs will help contact and secure the speaker. They will also make arrangements for the speaker to attend the event.

NOTE: A chapter should NOT contact a coach or other university official concerning a UAB Alumni Chapter event without the approval of the Alumni Affairs Office. This only complicates scheduling procedures and can cause undue stress on the speaker.

Things to Consider in Planning a Chapter Event

When Considering a Site: (Factors to consider)

  • Distance Traveled – Select a centrally located site relative to the concentration of UAB alumni and friends.
  • Location – Enough space should be provided for the type of function being planned, whatever the format. In the case of buffets, be certain enough serving lines are provided to avoid long line delays. Please consider allowing guest to do down both sides of the buffet. Invited guests should start the buffet line.
  • Resource needs – Depending on the type of function, certain resources or equipment may be needed. Consider such things as a podium and microphone for speakers, registration and membership tables, electrical outlets, VCR, television monitor, and extension cords if a video is to be shown.
  • Parking privileges or spaces.
  • Reputation of food served.
  • Service of Establishment.
  • Liquor license and liability – (Please review the hot liquor liability form included in this manual.)
  • Cost of meals and other services.

Establish the Cost:

  • Each chapter function should be financially independent. A chapter can request sponsorship from the National Alumni Society. Requests must be submitted the president of the NAS in time for the board to review and make a decision regarding sponsorship prior to the event. In addition, see the “National Alumni Society Assistance” page to see other support that is available for chapter events.
  • In many cases, a nominal fee may be added to the cost of each admission or meal ticket. This may be used to defray the expenses such as postage, decorations, complimentary meals and drinks for guest or other costs the chapter leadership feels is justified.
  • When a cost will be incurred by the alumni or friend, the cost should be carefully considered and a price established that would not discourage younger alumni.

Checklist for Planning a Chapter Event

Week of the Event:

  • Make arrangements with any special guests that may be attending the event (i.e. speakers) on when and how they will arrive at the event.

Day of the Event:

  • Arrangement of Meeting Room
  • Podium and/or microphone
  • Resource equipment (VCR, television, extension cords, etc., if needed)
  • Registration/membership table (Promotional information for the National Alumni Society)
  • Display Table, if needed
  • Nametags
  • Bar facilities, if needed
  • Any plaques, awards or door prizes, if applicable Decorations/ Flowers
  • Check with Management of facility
  • Photographer

Thirty Minutes Before:

  • All chapter leadership committee members should be available to greet chapter members and guests.

Follow-Up Duties: (within one week)

  • Send Chapter Meeting Report and Attendance (within one week) Report if an Alumni Affairs Office representative is not attending the event.
  • Follow-up publicity. Send pictures to the Alumni Affairs Office and send pictures and a write-up to your local newspaper.

Within Two Weeks:

  • Meet with chapter leadership committee to evaluate the meeting and make record of suggestions for the next time.
  • Complete the Meeting and Event Evaluation Form and mail it into the Chapter Development Coordinator in the Alumni Affairs Office.

**At an alumni event, the chapter leadership committee serves as the official hosts. This group should meet and greet attendees, and direct them to the registration table. The registration table should consist of a sign in sheet, payment for the event (if there is a charge), receipt of a nametag, and pick-up of any free items. Once everyone has had a chance to mingle, a member of the leadership committee calls the group to order and the official program should begin.

National Alumni Society Assistance for Alumni Chapters

The UAB National Alumni Society developed the Alumni Chapter Program to keep alumni and friends connected with UAB after graduation. In an effort to support all of our UAB volunteer efforts, the services outlined below are offered to each new and existing chapter.

Alumni List: A list of names including contact information, major and graduation dates of alumni living in your chapter area will be provided upon request. Chapter leaders are responsible for assuring the privacy of this list and must sign a privacy agreement before the list will be released. This list can be shared with leadership committee members, but access should not be extended past those that need the list for official chapter business.

Chapter Mailings: The National Alumni Society will provide each chapter with one mailing to its entire constituent list each fiscal/calendar year. This mailing should be reserved for the chapter’s largest event that will include membership recruitment as one of its main objectives. Additional mailings may be made through the Alumni Affairs Office, but printing and postage costs will be the task of the chapter. Any special requirement for a mailing outside of the standard invitation/postcard/brochure will be the complete task of the chapter.

For assistance with mailings from the Office of Alumni Affairs, the Assistant Director of Engagement must be notified a minimum of 5 weeks prior to the event to allow adequate time for design, approval and mailing distribution.

If the chapter would like to handle its own mailing, the Alumni Affairs Office will provide one set of mailing labels per quarter to the chapter. These will only be distributed upon request.

Financial Assistance: The National Alumni Society is very proud of the extensive Alumni Chapter Program. In order to assist as many chapters as possible with their various events and activities, the NAS offers sponsorship opportunities to assist with financial obligations. In order to receive these funds, a chapter must submit a written letter to the current president of the NAS describing the event, event purpose and amount requested. The letter will be submitted to the Board of Directors for discussion and approval. Chapters in their first two years of operation will be provided adequate funding for events until the chapter account can be established and membership recruitment can take place.

Program Speakers: The Assistant Director of Engagement and the Alumni Affairs Office will assist with any UAB Campus speakers that a chapter would like to host for a particular event. These details must be handled through the Alumni Affairs Office. No campus speaker should be contacted directly by the chapter.

Items for Chapter Events: Nametags, stickers, UAB balloons, giveaways, UAB National Alumni Society literature, decorative materials, etc., will be provided to a chapter if requested. In addition, each chapter will receive a vinyl banner with their chapter’s name on it if requested.

Media Materials: The Alumni Affairs Office will work with the UAB Media Relations Department in assisting an alumni chapter with getting information out to the local media.

Publicity: The National Alumni Society and the Alumni Affairs Office have an extensive amount of free publicity options for alumni chapters to take advantage of. Each publicity options require adequate time for posting and inclusion. See the individual methods for due dates and posting delays.

UAB National Alumni Society Website:
Each chapter has its own page that is accessible from the front page of the UAB National Alumni Society website. This information can be updated at the chapter’s request with upcoming news, events, and ways for alumni in the area to get involved.

Upon submission of this information, typically one week must be allowed to upload the information.

If the chapter chooses to create their own website, a link can be placed on this site to direct alumni to the independent site.

Each month the Alumni Affairs Office produces an electronic newsletter with up-to-date information on alumni activities, updates on exciting things going on around campus and other stories that may be of interest to UAB alumni.

For your chapter’s information to be included, it must be submitted to the Chapter Development Coordinator no later than the first of each month. The publication is written, designed and distributed on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

Broadcast Email:
The Alumni Affairs Office will provide each alumni chapter with one broadcast email to its entire constituency every quarter. This email can range from a request for membership to announcing an event. Additional broadcast emails may be available on a case-by-case basis depending on the broadcast email calendar.

In order for a broadcast email to be sent out by the Alumni Affairs Office a minimum of two weeks notice is required.

The Alumni Affairs Office will also provide advice and counsel in structuring any chapter efforts or programs, such as:

  • Scholarship Programs
  • Setting up Scholarship Accounts or Endowments
  • Various Committees (Such as membership or publicity)
  • Telephone Reminders for Large Events
  • Community Service Projects
  • Special Events

Continuous contact with the Chapter Development Coordinator in the Alumni Affairs Office is critical to making the most of the services offered to UAB Alumni Chapters. If you need additional information, ideas, answers to questions, or support please don’t hesitate to call on our office at any time. The Alumni Affairs staff is HERE FOR YOU!!!

Download the pdfChapter Manual.