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The UAB Football Excellence Fund has been established within the UAB Athletics Foundation to provide supplemental assistance to the football program. Supporters of the UAB Football Excellence Fund play an integral role in taking UAB Football to a championship level.

The UAB Football Excellence Fund will allow the program the ability to compete at the highest level within Conference USA and nationally through initiatives such as:

  • Assistant coach retention (salary enhancement)
  • Strength and conditioning (staff and equipment)
  • Character education
  • Nutrition needs

Annual Membership Opportunities

Level 1 Membership

Contribution of $10,000
$834 per month

Enjoy an inside look into UAB Football with special pregame sideline access, enhanced access to practice for you and a guest, an authentic custom UAB Football game jersey, as well as all previous benefits.

Level 2 Membership

Contribution of $5,000
$417 per month

Enjoy access to a select number of practices throughout the season and attendance at an exclusive post season event hosted by Coach Bill Clark and the UAB Football staff, as well as all previous benefits.

Level 3 Membership

Contribution of $2,500
$208 per month

Enjoy exclusive UAB Football sideline gear, an invitation for you and your family to a spring cookout at a select spring practice hosted by Coach Bill Clark and UAB Football inside access newsletters.

Young Alumni

Contribution of $500
$42 per month

An invitation to an annual young alumni only event hosted by UAB Football and UAB Football inside access newsletters.

Download a UAB Football Excellence Fund pledge card HERE.

For more information, or to make your pledge, please contact Jim Furlong at (205) 996-5811 or jpf07@uab.edu

What's good for UAB is good for Birmingham

UAB is at the heart of our city's rebirth. Birmingham business leaders have embraced our university as the single most critical component of Birmingham's economic engine. When UAB succeeds, our city thrives.

The UAB Blazers are becoming Birmingham's team and are ushering in new interest, pride and visibility to UAB and downtown Birmingham's vibrant growth.

Successful athletics programs enhance UAB's economic impact in Birmingham and surrounding communities. Success in football is a key driver for applications. Investing in UAB Football is about investing in Birmingham.

The impact of college football

Competitive athletics programs drive student enrollment. When a school rises from average to great on the gridiron, applications increase by 18.7 percent.

  • Northwestern University applications increased 21 percent after winning the Big Ten Championship in football.
  • As a direct result of this season's football success, Jacksonville State recently reported 2,200 more freshman applications than last year.

According to the Birmingham Business Alliance, it is estimated that for every 1,000 UAB students there is a total annual economic impact of nearly $50 million.

Our Pillars of Excellence

Coach Bill Clark is building a program that breeds Blazer excellence, both on and off the football field. The UAB Football Excellence Fund supports:


We believe that every football student-athlete should be provided with the individual testing, advising, monitoring and tutoring to maintain his graduation track in a manageable and timely manner. The fund allows us to provide supplementary personnel and services to help each student-athlete achieve his academic goals.


The fund provides resources to support the evaluation process to attract and sign top student-athletes across the country. It also allows us to include a competitive cost of attendance stipend for prospects considering UAB.


We seek to provide every football student-athlete with the equipment, training programming and nutritional means to develop his optimum physical skills. Having a training program that exceeds peer standards also gives UAB Football an edge in recruitment.

Character Education

We want to make an impact on the lives of our student-athletes as well as the Greater Birmingham community by providing community engagement opportunities. Our character education program also includes a lecture series from motivational role models.


It is our desire to sustain the highest level of coaching. The fund will allow us to provide the coaches with professional development opportunities and incentive bonuses. The retention of superior coaches also provides us with a competitive edge in student-athlete recruitment.

Sports Medicine

Our football student-athletes deserve to receive the premiere standard protocols when it comes to injury prevention and medical and rehabilitation care, both in terms of facilities and services. We endeavor to represent UAB as a national center in sports medicine education and research.