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2019 License Plate BLAZE updateA UAB license plate shows pride for your alma mater - and your commitment to UAB students. The proceeds from EVERY sale or renewal of this license plate directly fund the License to Learn Scholarships that are awarded each year by the UAB National Alumni Society.

The UAB National Alumni Society is proud to partner with our schools and colleges in raising over one million dollars from alumni to provide student scholarships.

The tax-deductible UAB license plate is just $50 more than a regular tag and $42.50 goes directly to students in need. They're available in standard alphanumeric formats or can be personalized.

Contribute to a brighter future for UAB students - order your UAB tag today at your county courthouse.

For more information on the UAB License to Learn tag, call 205-934-3555 or 1-800-898-ALUM or email uabalumni@uab.edu.

Find out more information about the UAB license plate by visiting the Alabama Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division.

2019 License Plate IMBACK