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December 2018 - College of Arts & Sciences
National Alumni Society Member

ScribnerName: Charles Scribner

Degree(s) and Graduation Year(s): Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Master of Public Administration (2015)

Hometown: New York City

Current town: Birmingham

Current employer and job: Executive Director of Black Warrior Riverkeeper

What is your favorite UAB memory? My daughters’ births at UAB Women and Infants Center. Honorable mention: #TheReturn of UAB Football.

How has UAB impacted your life? A wide range! Pivotal moments at UAB Hospital. Then my wife earned her M.S. in Mathematics at UAB and graduates this year with a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics. And we enjoy being Blazer Boosters! Black Warrior Riverkeeper has also had countless synergistic collaborations with UAB students, faculty, staff, and alumni. 

What made you choose your current profession? While I was an undergraduate at Princeton, I interned with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at Hudson Riverkeeper and wrote my senior thesis on the history of Waterkeeper Alliance. Simultaneously, I was falling in love with a Princeton girl from Alabama who is now my wife, Elizabeth. She lured me down here and I started working at Black Warrior Riverkeeper right after graduating in 2005. And we all lived happily ever after!

What lessons has your professional life taught you? If you love your job like I do, you will naturally want to keep improving at it. Learning is a big part of improving, which is why I joined UAB’s MPA program. The lessons I learned in MPA classes continually improved my ability to lead a nonprofit organization and serve the community.

If you were given the opportunity to spend 48 hours with absolutely anyone (living or dead), who would you spend it with and what would you do? Easiest question ever! I would choose Jesus and I would listen – hopefully much better than I do now.

What song (if any) are you listening to? My daughter sings “Baby Beluga” and “The Battle of Jericho” a lot. They have merged as a bizarre song in my head where “the walls came tumbling down” at the sound of little whales. Her frustration is adorable when I tell her about my hybrid song. “Nonono Daddy, JOSHUA did that!”

If you could have a new talent, what would you want? Be more like Coach Bill Clark. #GoBlazers

Describe your favorite pair of shoes you own now. New Balance running shoes. I don’t go running nearly as much as I should, but I like the fact they are made in America.

I really wish __________ hadn’t been invented. PCBs (particularly for the sake of people who eat fish from the Hudson and Coosa rivers).

Describe your day in a six word sentence. “Simul justus et peccator” –Martin Luther.

What do you love most about what you get to do every day? Fighting pollution and educating the public are ways of loving my neighbor – and not just current neighbors, but also future generations such as my three kids.

What’s the closest thing to you that is green? From my office desk it is a tie between camo hunting gear and a UAB Giving Day sticker.

Student Alumni Society Member

MeirName: Remy Meir

Graduation Year: 2018

Major: Neuroscience (Minors: Mathematics, Public Health, and Chemistry)

Hometown: Auburn, Alabama

Why did you choose to attend UAB? When I came to interview for my program I fell in love with the faculty, the students, and the city. Birmingham felt like a place where I could grow as a student and a person, it felt like home.

Who is the best professor that you have had at UAB so far (and why)? I technically haven’t had him as a teacher yet (I will be taking his class in the spring semester), but I would say that Dr. Robert Sorge is the best professor I have had at UAB. Dr. Sorge is my research mentor and I have been working with him since my sophomore year of college. He is my favorite professor on campus, not only because he has taught me how to be a good scientist and inspired my passion for research, but also because he is constantly pushing me to follow my goals. His constant support has helped me to do research while studying abroad in Norway, apply for and win the Goldwater Scholarship, and now apply for graduate school.

What is your favorite UAB memory? This is a tough one; I don’t know that I can narrow it down to a single memory. I think just all the fun times I’ve had with my friends is the thing I reflect on the most when I leave UAB.

How has UAB impacted your life? UAB has impacted my life in so many ways, from establishing some of the best friendships and connections to inspiring my career goals. The constant support I have received from UAB’s faculty and students has allowed me to wholeheartedly pursue my passions and interests.

If you were on a plane beside your favorite celebrity, what would you do? I would probably freak out internally for a good three minutes, and then I would try to casually strike up a conversation with them. Hopefully, it would lead to an invite to whatever they were doing after getting off this plane.

What is one of your favorite song lyrics (and who is it by)? I think “Rich Girl” by Hall and Oates is a classic song (it’s also my go to karaoke song)

The store I frequent the most is __________. Publix—a girl’s gotta eat.

Describe your day in a six word sentence. Wake up and do my thing.

What word do you overuse most? Nugget (also shortened to nug)

The best kind of cake is __________. Anything chocolate!

What’s the closest thing to you that is green? One of my many Blazer t-shirts made it into my suitcase!

Who are the people who make your life better? My friends and family, hands down.

What is the best advice you ever received? I think the best advice I’ve ever received is “Who cares? You should just go for it.” I constantly have to remind myself that who cares if I don’t get what I’m applying for or what people will say; at the end of the day I should go after the things that make me happy because it’s my life to live.