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Building the Future

Building the FutureThe Board of Trustees approved a new building for the College of Arts and Sciences.  The new CAS building will add academic, administrative, meeting, and study space to campus when it is finished in 2017-2018.  The building will absorb many of the offices and classrooms that are currently in the Humanities Building, as well as add space for other needs.  The location of and plans for the building are being assessed, but the College hopes to break ground in late 2015.

Psychology Faculty Help Us Safely Interact with our Environment

When it comes to keeping our loved ones safe, we are all in this together.  Psychology faculty members, Dr. Despina Stavrinos and Dr. David Schwebel, put safety first as they teach behaviors and practices to ensure the public's well-being.

Safety FirstAs a part of the Translational Research for Injury Prevention Laboratory, Dr. Stavrinos examines the impact of distracted driving within at-risk vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, teens, and those with developmental disabilities.  Her research utilizes a driving simulator that allows participants to experience a realistic and beneficial learning environment.

After many years working on pedestrian safety, Dr. Schwebel is now moving into research on how children interact with dogs.  With the support of an NIH grant, Dr. Schwebel is examining how cognitive skills and behavior affect the relationship between children and dogs.  The project has three components: informational videos, interactive video games, and an observational study, all aimed at teaching children cognitive safety skills to foster mutually positive interactions with their canine counterparts.

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UABTeach Paves the Way for New STEM Teachers

New Stem TeachersThe UABTeach program is wrapping up a highly successful first year, surpassing enrollment expectations and garnering philanthropic funding.

The UABTeach program is designed to quickly produce a new teaching force of highly qualified instructors in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects.  The only program of its kind in Alabama, UABTeach enables undergraduate STEM majors to receive a subject-matter degree and accreditation to teach at the secondary level in a traditional four-year plan, representing significant tuition savings from the standard state certification model.

Find out more about UABTeach and learn more about the success of its first year HERE.

Fun Facts About the UAB College of Arts and Sciences

What do a lion trainer, three Rhodes Scholars, a space archaeologist, and country music star Sam Hunt have in common?

They're all faculty, staff, students, or alumni of the UAB College of Arts and Sciences.

Check out the video the Digital Media team produced for more FUN FACTS about the college: