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What have you been up to? We'd like to know!

We want to hear from you! Please share your achievements, promotions, or other news with us HERE!  You may attach a press release or any other documentation you would like to include.

We enjoy hearing about UAB alumni and the milestones that you achieve. We hope to hear from you soon!

Class of 2012

JASON VICE '12/'15 has accepted a position as the new occupational therapist for the UAB Center for Low Vision Rehabilitation. Located within Callahan Eye Hospital, the clinic is a division of the UAB Department of Ophthalmology and serves a wide variety of patients. In his role, Jason will work with patients to use remaining vision more efficiently, use optical and non-optical aids, and include safety and visibility in the home. Jason graduated from UAB in 2012 with a BS in Psychology while earning a MS in from the School of Health Professions in 2015.

Class of 2008

CHRIS JETT '08/'09 has been named the new administrator of the University of South Alabama Children's & Women's Hospital. In his new role, Jett will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the 1,100-employee hospital. He has worked at the hospital since 2008 and has been an assistant administrator since 2012. Chris graduated from UAB in 2008 with an MBA from the Collat School of Business and in 2009 with an MSHA from the School of Health Professions.

Class of 1995

DR. TROY J. MUELLER '95 was selected to be the Outcome Leader for Systems Engineering & Acquisition for the Homeland Security Systems Engineering and Development Institute at the MITRE Corporation in Washington D.C. Dr. Mueller graduated from UAB in 1995 with a BA in Political Science from the College of Arts & Sciences.

Class of 1992

DR. CAMILLE R. QUINN '92 is joining the faculty of The Ohio State University College of Social Work as an Assistant Professor on May 1st. Dr. Quinn graduated from UAB in 1992 with a BS in Psychology from the College of Arts & Sciences.

Class of 1991

DR. J. TODD CHASTAIN '91 is currently serving as an adjunt faculty member in the UAB School of Dentistry while maintaining his private practice in North Alabama. Dr. Chastain graudated from UAB in 1991 with a Doctor of Dental Medicine from the School of Dentistry.

Class of 1989

LYNN M. TERREBONNE, PH.D. '89 has been named partner at Caesar Rivise, PC. Dr. Terrebonne was an associate with Caesar Rivise from 2003 until 2006. Over the last ten years, her practice focused on the representation of brand name pharmaceutical companies in ANDA litigation and related matters. Dr. Terrebonne is a registered U.S. patent attorney. She graduated from UAB in 1989 with a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the College of Arts & Sciences.

Class of 1988

OWEN BAILEY '88 has been named the chief operating officer of the University of South Alabama Health, in Mobile, AL. Owen graduated from UAB in 1988 with a MS in Health Administration from the School of Health Professions.

Class of 1980

PATRICIA BOSTON '80 is currently serving a two-year term as president of ANA-Maine (American Nurses Association-Maine). Patricia graduted from UAB in 1980 with a MSN in Adult Health from the School of Nursing.