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2018 Mr Ms UAB OnlineWith its start in 1981, the Mr. & Ms. UAB Scholarship Competition is one of UAB's oldest Homecoming traditions. The winners of the 2018 scholarship competition were announced during halftime of the Homecoming game on Saturday, October 20, 2018.

Henry Kendrick of Shelby County and Khushee Modi of Helena have been named Mr. and Ms. UAB. First alternates in the competition are Sawyer Summers of Fairhope and Anna Virginia Jones of Memphis, Tennessee.

The scholarship competition is presented by the UAB National Alumni Society.

Kendrick, 21, the son of Stovall Kendrick and Tamera Kendrick. Henry is a junior majoring in biology in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is in the UAB Honors College’s University Honors Program, a recipient of Dr. Heidi Humphrey’s Eagle Scout Scholarship, and is on the president’s and dean’s lists. Kendrick is an orientation leader coordinator, a research assistant and a chemistry lab teaching assistant. He is a volunteer at Whatley Health Services, a dental clinic for the underserved population. In summer 2019, he will bike across the country to raise awareness and funds for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Modi, 20, the daughter of Jay and Shetal Modi. Khushee is a sophomore majoring in medical industrial distribution in the Collat School of Business. She is the recipient of the Greenlee Industrial Distribution Scholarship and is on the fall 2017 and spring 2018 Dean’s List. She is a UAB orientation leader, a member of Alpha Xi Delta Theta Phi Chapter and an Athletics hostess. Modi is a volunteer with Into the Streets through UAB and has volunteered at “BOO at the ZOO” Sensory Inclusion Night.

Alternate OnlineSummers, 21, a junior majoring in medical industrial distribution. Sawyer is the son of Gregory Summers and Sonja Summers. He is a UAB Trailblazer, is in the UAB Honors College’s Global and Community Leadership Honors Program, is a member of business honor society Beta Gamma Sigma, is a business student leader and a peer mentor.

Jones, 21, the daughter of Carol Jones and Thomas Jones. Anna is a junior majoring in neuroscience in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is in the UAB Honors College’s Personalized Pathway and earned UAB Presidential Honors in fall 2016, spring 2017, fall 2017 and spring 2018. She is on the UAB TrailBlazer leadership team, is a UAB Undergraduate Neuroscience Ambassador and is director of leadership for Alpha Gamma Delta. She won third place in the UAB Undergraduate Video Research Awards. She is a Birmingham VA Hospital ambassador, women’s health care chaperone and American Red Cross Mid-Alabama Chapter volunteer.

The competition finalists were:

Molly Clay, 20, of Rome, Georgia, daughter of Michelle Clay and Marc Clay. She is a junior in the UAB Honors College’s Personalized Pathway majoring in psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Vishwadha Gunda, 20, of Montgomery, daughter of Vikram and Jyothi Gunda. She is a junior in the UAB Honors College’s Global and Community Leadership Honors Program majoring in philosophy in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Sharan Kaur, 20, of Ardmore, Alabama, daughter of Rama Kaur and the late Gomez Singh. She is a junior in the UAB Honors College’s Global and Community Leadership Honors Program majoring in biology in CAS and public health in the School of Public Health.

Tyler Huang, 19, of Fayette, Alabama, son of Dong and Tong Huang. He is a sophomore in the UAB Honors College’s University Honors Program majoring in neuroscience.

Nicholas Arnold, 20, of Mansfield, Ohio, son of Tammy Stroud and Jeff Stroud. He is a junior in the UAB Honors College’s Global and Community Leadership Honors Program majoring in psychology, pre-med.

Yazen Shihab, 20, of Montgomery, son of Suha and John Crow. He is a junior in the UAB honors College’s Science and Technology Honors Program majoring in neuroscience.

The winners of the Mr. & Ms. UAB competition each receive $2,500 scholarships. They also serve as ambassadors of UAB and on the Student Alumni Society Leadership Council in the coming year. The first alternates each receive a $1,000 scholarship. The 10 finalists were selected through an interview process at the Alumni House on Thursday, September 27, 2018. The winners are chosen through an additional round of interviews and a student vote, held during Homecoming Week.

Complete List of Mr. & Ms. UAB Winners


Mr. UAB: Ryan Wong
Ms. UAB: Yulianna Jimenez


Mr. UAB: Eli Ussery
Ms. UAB: Isabella Mak


Mr. UAB: Chirag Patel
Ms. UAB: Allie David


Mr. UAB: John Chancellor
Ms. UAB: Candy Mosley


Mr. UAB: Zachary Hughes
Ms. UAB: Deidra Atkinson


Mr. UAB: Kevin Jiang
Ms. UAB: Deepa Etikala


Mr. UAB: Mallick Hossain
Ms. UAB: Elizabeth Simbek


Mr. UAB: Daniel B. Pierce
Ms. UAB: Nishita Baxi


Mr. UAB: Andrew J. Stone
Ms. UAB: Claire E. Sands


Mr. UAB: Pratik Talati
Ms. UAB: Anna C. Lloyd


Mr. UAB: Rodney Dixon Dorand
Ms. UAB: Riley S. Carpenter


Mr. UAB: Cedric D. Harville, II
Ms. UAB: Maurine Speake Batson


Mr. UAB: Ankit Patel
Ms. UAB: Elizabeth Pham


Mr. UAB: David R. Shulman
Ms. UAB: Barbara H. Agricola


Mr. UAB: Jason Scott Fletcher
Ms. UAB: Jessica Lemons


Mr. UAB: Kiran H. Lagisetty
Ms. UAB: Juanita Titrud Heersink


Mr. UAB: Nathaniel Lane Wade
Ms. UAB: Rayna Dyck


Mr. UAB: James F. Williams, Jr.
Ms. UAB: Karen Leigh Samples


Mr. UAB: Warren T. Jones
Ms. UAB: Karmie Johnson


Mr. UAB: Neelaksh K. Varshney
Ms. UAB: Andrea Brinley Kimbrough


Mr. UAB: Vandarian Dubose
Ms. UAB: Laura Slovensky Hollis


Mr. UAB: Joshua B. Hill
Ms. UAB: Tamula Patterson


Mr. UAB: John A. Jennings
Ms. UAB: Sarah C. Latham


Mr. UAB: Wyndall Ivey
Ms. UAB: G. Kelly Wright


Mr. UAB: Christopher Arnold
Ms. UAB: Snehal Khatri


Mr. UAB: Brian Austin Oakes
Ms. UAB: Pamela Lynn Pilcher


Mr. UAB: Edwin Weiyan Yeh
Ms. UAB: Junie P. Richard


Mr. UAB: Norman Claro Guillen
Ms. UAB: Joy Belinda Alder


Mr. UAB: Michael O'Neil McCutcheon
Ms. UAB: Regina N. Phillips


Mr. UAB: Bryan Casey Jones
Ms. UAB: Lisa Ann Kitchen Dearaujo


Mr. UAB: John Denson Harden
Ms. UAB: Sylvia D. Billingsley Strothers


Mr. UAB: Charlie W. Priest, Jr.
Ms. UAB: Tami Puchta


Mr. UAB: Andre Ronald Nunn
Ms. UAB: Susan E. Gattis


Mr. UAB: Rodney O. Tucker
Ms. UAB: Becky Anthony


Mr. UAB: W. James Aderhold
Ms. UAB: Nena Beth Morris


Mr. UAB: Ron Kleinman
Ms. UAB: Debbie Jo Severin


Mr. UAB: David Norman Bolus
Ms. UAB: Konda K. Campbell