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UAB embodies a spirit of discovery that advances knowledge, solves real-world problems and drives economic development.

Our research faculty ranks among the nation’s best funded and is noted for exceptional mentoring and training — from undergraduate researchers to post-doctoral fellows.

This work is supported by more than $430 million in sponsored research funds each year, and it is conducted in the departments of 10 schools, 24 universitywide research centers, UAB hospitals and clinics and field sites by faculty, fellows and students collaborating among themselves and with others around the globe.

Research at UAB spans the spectrum and mingles disciplines to investigate, reveal and apply knowledge that changes the lives of individuals and the fates of communities. We do this to provide answers. Solutions. Hope.

Interested in taking part in alumni-related opportunities? See below for available opportunities.

Core Curriculum

As part of Forging the Future, the new strategic plan, UAB has committed to redesigning the Core Curriculum, the body of courses and requirements that all undergraduates must fulfill regardless of their choice of major.

As an alumnus, you are in an ideal position to look back on your UAB experience and let us know what was the most useful about your experience in the Core and also what the university can do to improve it.

Please take a few minutes to complete this three-question survey. If you have suggestions or would like to talk more about the goals of the Signature Core Curriculum, please email signaturecore@uab.edu.