UAB in Antarctica
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The Adventure Begins Soon
Join one of the first U.S. teams on The Ice during the International Polar Year (IPY) at Follow this NSF-sponsored team on their quest to understand predator-prey dynamics in the unique Antarctic marine plant and animal communities. In preparation for their February 2007 arrival at Palmer Station, they begin blogging soon Click on journal entries to the right to share their thoughts and images from the 2004 expedition.
UAB in Antarctica 2007
UAB first took you to Antarctica in 2000. Since then, the importance of such pristine environments was underscored by the designation of the ocean preserve in Hawaii. The UAB team will discuss and photograph everything from their research and what it takes to dive in this extreme environment to skiing on the glacier and impact of climate changes. K-12 students will find special features just for them.
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The researchers completed their expedition in May 2004. Feel free to search this site for their archived journals and responses to questions.
UAB in Antarctica
Mission Co-Investigator
Chuck's Journal: Oil Spill at Palmer Station
Mission Co-Investigator
Jim's Journal: Homeward Bound Detours
Research Assistant
Maggie's Journal: Snowbirds
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Anne's Journal: Earth Day
Graduate Student
Kevin's Journal: Lab Open House

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