Ranger Challenge

The purpose for Ranger Challenge Program is to challenge cadets in tough mental and physical competition, enhance leader development, develop team cohesion, and to develop healthy competition among the battalions. Each year, top cadets from around the country gather to compete in Army ROTC's varsity sport: the ROTC Ranger Challenge. This voluntary competition offers outstanding teamwork training while demanding your best physical and mental efforts. Events include orienteering, in which teams use land navigation skills to find 40 checkpoints over a four-square-mile course; and constructing a one-rope bridge, in which teams cross a 40-foot water obstacle using a single rope and plenty of ingenuity.  Other events include the grenade assault course or grenade throw (depending on course availability), patrolling (option to administer written test); land navigation, M16 marksmanship, weapons disassembly and assembly, and a 10K road march.

Fall 2009 Ranger Challenge Team


ROTC Color Guard

The Blazer Battalion Color Guard performs precision ceremonies at all major events on campus and several events off campus as well. Some of the functions the Color Guard serve include football games, the Military Ball, commissioning and graduation ceremonies, and local special events. Color Guard participants practice diligently to present the most professional and respectful ceremonies possible.

Cadet's Scott, Biddie, Estes, Srygleyguarding bones

Mayor and Color guard(UAB) vs Memphis