Color Guard at a UAB Football gameUAB ROTC considers interacting with their community, profession, and country. We focus on stewardship and engage with our community and the City of Birmingham. Our goal is to be role models for the JROTC cadets throughout the greater Birmingham region by focusing on enhancing the legacy of this great battalion and its history.

Here are a few of the recent involvements of UAB ROTC:

UAB ROTC provides a Color Guard team to present colors during the UAB Football game.

community-involvement-tannerCaptain Christopher Tanner of UAB’s ROTC spoke to the University of Alabama History courses on the anniversary of D-Day – connecting with fellow instructors and students. Tanner is a combat veteran who has served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

community-involvement-genMG Roper, Major General Ross, and COL Rowe conducted the mission command seminar with the UAB ROTC battalion. The topic of discussion was mission command and mission command philosophy. Well done, cadets!