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The three-year scholarship is designed for sophomores. Students apply for the scholarship at the end of their freshman year. In keeping with our high standards of excellence, candidates are selected for merit-based scholarships on their scholastic achievement and extra-curricular accomplishments. Even if you're not awarded a scholarship now, there are other ROTC scholarship opportunities once you're in the program.

The Benefits

  • Full tuition or room & board (No requirement to live on campus)

  • $1,200 yearly book allowance

  • ROTC Monthly Stipend $300-$500 a month

Call The UAB recruiting Office for details at (205) 761-7184.

Eligibility Requirements

You're eligible for the three-year ROTC scholarship if you're ready to begin your sophomore year, will be a full-time student, and meet the following requirements:

  • Have three years remaining until degree completion.

  • Have good academic standing.

  • Participated in leadership, extracurricular, and athletic activities (a part time job earns you substitute credit).

  • Be under 30 years of age by graduation. Waivers can be granted if you are under 39 years of age by graduation.

  • Agree to accept a commission in the U.S. Army.

  • Pursue an Army-approved academic major.

  • Meet required physical standards.

  • Complete the Basic Course before entering the Advanced Course.


As a winner of a three-year scholarship, you are required to complete the MS I and MS II ROTC classes before you start the Advanced Course. Upon graduation, you have an obligation to accept a commission and serve full time in the Active Army, or part time in either the Army National Guard or the U.S. Army Reserve for a total of eight years. This time may be served in a combination of full-time or part-time service.

Where to get an Application?

To receive a three-year scholarship application, contact the Enrollment and Scholarship Officer: roo@uab.edu