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Mission: To better our community by providing support to UAB employees in need and local nonprofits.

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Concerned Citizens for Our Youth (Beacon House) #351
Beacon House endeavors to assist at risk youth with behavior modification in a structured setting so that they are able to become more productive citizens. 

The Beacon House is a moderate residential treatment facility. The program is a statewide facility for female youth who are 12-19 years of age. Youth admitted to the facility may be referred by the Department of Human Resources or may be court ordered by the Juvenile Probation Office. 

The Program requires youth to participate in a positive peer culture program based on group principles. With this approach, youth are guided in learning how to make positive decisions for themselves and others. Various rules, consequences, and disciplinary guidelines assist youth in learning how to take responsibility for choices and behaviors. Privileges are used to promote a healthy self-concept while developing appropriate decision making skills. 

Length of stay varies based on placement needs as well as progression and behavior in the program. Stay requirements are designated in each resident's Individualized Service Plan. These requirements are amended on a regular basis based on the youth and their family's needs. 

The Beacon House Program focuses on reunification and family preservation. Family involvement is encouraged and services are provided based on the youth's family needs. In general, Beacon House provides the following services:

Individual, Group, and Family Counseling
Routine Eye, Dental, and Medical Care
Homework Assistance and Tutoring
Basic Living Skills Training
Medication Monitoring 
Crisis Intervention Services
Mental Health Consultation
Weekly Allowances
Extracurricular Activities
Personal Care Items
Transportation to school, activities, and appointments
Recreational and church activities
Aftercare and supportive services (upon completion of program)