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Nonprofit/Agency Designations FAQs

You may designate your gift to up to 3 agencies on the Benevolent Fund designation list. Your gift will be evenly divided among all agencies to which you designate. To designate, simply indicate the agency code when prompted to do so. If you wish to designate a portion of your gift and leave a portion undesignated to be used where needed most, including Employee Emergency Assistance and local agency grants, please use code "000" for undesigated gifts.

Yes, you may designate your gift to as many as 3 agencies, if you wish. In addition, you many designate a portion of your gift and leave a portion undesignated to fund work such as Employee Emergency Assistance and local agency grants.

You can help through your donations and through your suggestions regarding improvements in the operations of the Benevolent Fund. You may also volunteer your time to assist in the annual campaign.

No. The Employee Emergency Assistance Program is funded from undesignated gifts. We assist all UAB employees who have a documented need within our operating guidelines and make application. We have not and will not turn away UAB employees in need due to lack of funds. Assistance is awarded based on merit of each case. We budget what we feel is needed based on history of requests, and we always maintain a reserve that can be used for EEAP if needed. The best way to  support the Employee Emergency Assistance Program is to leave all or a portion of your gift undesignated by using the agency code "000" or writing "undesignated" on one of the designation lines.

No. Local agencies that are supported by the Benevolent Fund but cannot be found on the designation list are funded through a grant process which uses undesignated funds. The best way to support these agencies/non-profits is the leave all or a portion of your gift undesignated by using the agency code "000" or writing "undesignated" on one of the designation lines. 
The primary reason designations to local grant agencies/non-profits are not allowed is because of the grant process. If we allowed designations, as we have in the past, it makes the grant application process too long and drawn-out, taking over 2 years of the agencies to receive funds.
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Yes. For example, the first dollars to be locked in are designations made by individual employees. During the fiscal year, if UAB employees designate $9,000 to Children's Hospital, the Benevolent Fund would combine that amount with the undesignated funds that are distributed evenly to all United Way agencies. If every agencies receives a $6,000 base award (from undesignated funds), the Benevolent Fund would add the $9,000 in employee designations to the base of $6,000 bringing the total award to $15,000 for Children's Hospital. An agency without any designations would receive only the base of $6,000.

No. However, you may request your name and contact information be given to the agency to which you designate. Most contributors do not wish for their names to be revealed to the designated agencies. Unless you request otherwise, your confidentiality is maintained. If you serve on the board of an agency or give a large gift, please contact the Benevolent Fund Program Manager at to request acknowledgement of your gift to the agency.

Absolutely. each employee pledge, including agency designation, is put in the Benevolent Fund database. The Benevolent Fund cut a check at the scheduled interval to the agency. In the case of United Way, a detailed list of total employee agency designations accompanies the check. Unless requested by the employee, specific donor names are not released to the agencies. When the United Way allocates its gift to its member agencies, it will include designated UAB employee contributions. The Benevolent Fund also informs each individual agency of the amount of money that UAB Benevolent Fund contributed to them for the year.

Nonprofits that are not on the designation list may qualify to apply for a Local Agency Grant. The completed application must be received by the grant deadline to be considered for funding. Applications are reviewed by the Agency Review Committee, which subsequently makes recommendations to the full Benevolent Fund Council. To assure good stewardship of your gifts, successful agencies must meet stringent guidelines and complete a report detailing how grant dollars were used and program results achieved.

Not every nonprofit can receive direct employee designations nor is it in the best interest of every nonprofit to be on the designation list. For those who do not receive designations, funding can be obtained through Local Agency Grants. Some smaller nonprofits have found it difficult to compete with agencies that might be larger in size or more well-known and found they were able to receive a higher level of support through the grant process.