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Mission: To better our community by providing support to UAB employees in need and local nonprofits.

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Christian Love Pantry #115
The Pantry's original food mission began in 2980, at St. Simon Peter's Church in Pell City, Alabama. In the spring of that year, many residents of St. Clair County were in need of aid and began to arrive at St. Simon's door. Food was the first priority and St. Simons immediately set out to distribute food to local families who were not covered by government programs. First United Methodist Church and Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church soon joined in to aid the needy. Word spread quickly about the three distribution points, and the churches developed a growing reputation for helping the community. 

In 1982, a donation of $10,000 was made to the program and the Council name the organization of churches "The Christian Love Pantry". The Christian Love Pantry was incorporated in July 1991 as a nonprofit organization. 

The first United Way Funding was granted in 1991 and the Pantry has met requirements to receive funding every year since. Over the years, many St. Clair county churches have joined in to support the Christian Love Pantry. Hundreds of volunteers from these churches have served and continue to serve as board members and volunteers to complete the mission of providing emergency food to St. Clair county residents. 

Currently, the Christian Love Pantry consists of a Board, with members of eight local churches, and two clergy advisors. The board meets quarterly to establish policy and to review operations. These is an Executive Committee of nine members, who oversee the operation of the organization. There are approximately 110 volunteers who interview clients, purchase, stock, and distribute food from the pantry five days a week. The pantry operates Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon. 

The Pantry receives client referrals from Community Action and from local churches. We distribute only canned and dry food products from a list of approved by a nutritionist. The pantry purchases about 35% of our food from the Community Food Bank, and the remainder is purchased locally in Pell City, or donated to us by individuals, schools, churches, businesses, and civic organizations. All food purchases are paid with monies from grants or donations. We are 100% volunteer organization with minimal operating expenses. We are a member of Charity Tracker of St. Clair County and we work with other churches and agencies in our area to avoid duplication of services. 

The mission of the Christian Love Pantry is to engage churches, individuals, and corporations in St. Clair county to assist us in providing nutritious food to needy families in the area. Our goal is to manage the funds that finance our mission in the most efficient, compassionate manner possible.