The Benevolent Fund is governed by 30 to 60 UAB employees representing all areas of the University including Academic Programs, University Hospital, Administrative areas, Health Services Foundation, UAB Highlands, VIVA, Callahan Eye Foundation, and the Health System. Voting members are selected to serve two year terms, renewable for no more than three terms. The council is divided into standing committees: the Agency Review Committee, the By-Laws Committee, the Campaign Committee, the Employee Emergency Assistance Committee, and the Awareness Committee. Ad hoc committees are formed as necessary to carry out the activities of the council.

Executive Committee
President Kristin Chapleau
Vice President Phillip Bivens
Secretary Peggy Kain
Treasurer Karen Icolano
Immediate Past President Steve Murray
Campaign Chair: Academic & Administration Lynne Jarreau
Campaign Co-Chair: Academic & Administration vacant
Campaign Chair: UAB Medicine Martha Tankersley
Campaign Co -Chair: UAB Medicine Dawn Williams
Blazer Kitchen Chair Michelle Henry
Blazer Kitchen Co-Chair Stefanie Varghese
Community Impact Grant Chair Steve Murray
Community Impact Grant Co-Chair Scott Sorenson
Designation Review Chair Amy Badham
Designation Review Co-Chair Martha Griffin
EEAP Chair Cheryl Malone
EEAP Co-Chair Holly Holliday Jones
Faculty Senate Representative Elizabeth Pellathy
Grant Review Chair LaShell Cameron
Grant Review Co-Chair Andrew Sparks
Habitat House Chair Bryan Jones
Habitat House Co-Chair Jenny Hayes

Benevolent Fund Council
Athletics vacant
Callahan Eye Hospital Anna Hamel
Autumn Massey
Collat School of Business Laura Tull
College of Arts and Scences Erika Hille Rinker
Deborah Littleton
Development and Alumni Mary Jane Gibson
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Holly Holliday Jones
Finance and Administration Tanesha Derico
Anne Graham
Paula Mitchell
Stephen Murray
Graduate School vacant
Health Services Foundation Nancy Lawrence
Health System Martha Griffin
Lynn Watson
Dawn Williams
Honors College Donna Andrews
Information Technology Scott Sorenson
Institute for Innovation vacant
Office of the Provost Amy Badham
LaShell Cameron
Bryan Jones
Research Penny Whiteside
School of Dentistry Lynne Jarreau
School of Education vacant
School of Engineering vacant
School of Health Professions Kristin Chapleau
Shannon Houser
School of Medicine Valerie Lehman Paige
School of Nursing Karmie Johnson
School of Optometry Stephanie Varghese
School of Public Health Michelle Henry
Student Affairs Phillip Bivens
Andrew Sparks
UAB Hospital Cheryl Malone
John Brad Morrow
Chris Cumbest
Zak Dorsey
Jenny Hayes
Matt Joiner
Martha Tankersley
Ingrid Poindexter
UAB Libraries Peggy Kain
University Relations Matt Cuthbert
Viva Mike Rovnac


Lisa Higginbotham, Benevolent Fund Manager

*Council members are nominated and elected by the faculty and staff of UAB to serve a two-year term. We will be accepting nominations for the 2019-2020 year through August 9, 2019. For a nomination form, please complete the Council Member Nomination Form.