Here's everything you need to know about making a recurring gift to the UAB Benevolent Fund

recurring gift percentagesWhen new employees join UAB, they're often encouraged to set up a recurring contribution to UAB's Benevolent Fund, which supports a number of nonprofits in the community as well as programs that care for UAB employees and students in need. For many of us, it's been a while since we've revisited our monthly payroll deduction. So whether you want to update your pledge, make one for the very first time, or just learn more about the impact your gift can have, Lisa Higginbotham, manager of the Benevolent Fund, answers some of the most frequently asked questions about making a recurring contribution.

Q: Why should we make recurring gifts to UAB's Benevolent Fund? 
A: It's a powerful way to support nonprofits in our community. When you give to the Benevolent Fund through payroll deduction, you support your co-workers in times of need and sustain nonprofits that are improving the quality of life for our UAB employees, students, patients, and neighbors. The nonprofits supported by the UAB Benevolent Fund provide the university with millions in research funding each year and offer invaluable learning experiences and research opportunities for our students. So when you make a recurring contribution, you let those nonprofits know that UAB employees value these important partnerships.

Q: Why make a recurring payroll deduction instead of a one-time gift?
A: We encourage all employees who are able to make a continuous gift through payroll deduction. This ensures a steady stream of income to build up and support our community. 

Q: What's the right amount to pledge each month?
A: Among our employees we have what are known as Blazer Givers. These are hourly employees who have pledged one hour of pay per month or salaried employees who pledge 1 percent of their income. These gifts increase as the employee's pay increases. Employees may also specify a set amount that fits their budget to contribute each month to the Benevolent Fund.

Q: How do I set up a recurring gift?
A: Log into the Benevolent Fund Pledge site using your BlazerID and password. There you can enter your pledge amount and any nonprofit designations.

Q: I'm not sure to which nonprofit I want to designate my gift. What should I do?
A: You can elect to leave all or part of your gift undesignated. That means it will be used where it's needed most. Your gift will go to Benevolent Fund support programs such as our Employee Emergency Assistance, Blazer Kitchen, UAB Habitat House Build, and nonprofit grants.

Q: I already set up a recurring gift. How do I update or manage my existing pledge?
To view your current continuous pledge and its designation(s) on the Benevolent Fund Pledge site, click on the Current Pledges tab. You can make a new continuous pledge that will override any current continuous pledge (note the end date on your previous pledge once the new pledge is entered). Employees of other UAB entities should email with an inquiry or to complete a new continuous pledge. Employees can only have one continuous pledge at a time, but can make unlimited one-time gifts.