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General information about the Benevolent Fund.

Employee Emergency Assistance Program
Information specific to the UAB Employee Emergency Assistance Program.

Benevolent Fund Council and Governance
Information about the employee council and Benevolent Fund by-laws.

Nonprofit/Agency Designations
Clarification on designating pledges to various non-profits. 

Charities supoprted by UAB Benevolent Fund
Information on what type of non-profit charities are supported and how.

Benevolent Fund Pledge Questions
Clarification on common questions about making a pledge.

Benevolent Fund Financials
Information about the financials of the Benevolent Fund. 

NOTE: The FAQs provide general information regarding the operations of the UAB Benevolent Fund. The UAB Benevolent Fund reserves the right to change its operating policies and procedures at any time in accordance with provisions set forth in its bylaws