Grants 101: Online Course

All applicants for 2018-19 grants with the UAB Benevolent Fund are required to attend an informational session prior to submission of their applications. For those organizations unable to attend an in-person session, an online course is now available to complete the requirement. Follow the instructions below to register for the online course system Canvas and complete the course. 

Registering with Canvas

Prior to enrolling in the course, all organizations will be required to create an online profile with the eLearning system Canvas. To begin, you'll be asked to "purchase" the course (the course is offered for free, you'll simply need to "check out" in the system). From there you'll register with the system and create a Blazer ID, if possible when registering in the system choose an ID that helps identify the organization you're representing. 

To register for and enroll in the course click HERE and follow along with additional directions here.

Completing the Course

Once you've completed course registration it will take up to an hour for the system to recognize your enrollment. 

When you're ready to begin the course click HERE and enter your BlazerID and password to sign in. The course will appear on your canvas dashboard.

Please feel free to complete the course and quizzes at your own pace. The course administrators will check for course completion on the deadline for applications. If you have any questions related to course registration or completion please email