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Community Impact Grant
UAB Employees vote from January 26th-February 2nd for the program to receive $25,000


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To improve patients’ health outcomes and reduce hospital encounters, the Community Food Bank proposes a unique project called Food Link that fosters healthy food access for first-time mothers and uninsured patients with diabetes or heart failure. The Food Bank will introduce a food insecurity-screening tool proven valid in medical settings to the staff of the UAB PATH Clinic, Heart Failure Clinic, and Nurse-Family Partnership Program. Patients, who screen positive for food insecurity, will receive fresh produce, healthy dry goods, and referrals to benefit programs and food pantries within the patient’s own community.
One Place will use the Community Impact Grant to create a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program at One Place Family Justice Center where survivors of sexual assault will have access to a forensic exam and evidence can be collected following an assault. Having a SANE onsite at One Place provides survivors an opportunity to have a medical exam in a safe trauma-informed environment, in the same location where many other supportive services are available to them. It also provides another location in Jefferson County-proximate to UAB- where victims and survivors of assault can be served by the Crisis Center’s Rape Response program.
With the Community Impact Grant, Red Mountain Park can continue to provide essential infrastructure for unique outdoor exploration for visitors of all abilities, including guests in wheelchairs. This program will allow accessibility modifications including trail improvements and signage to assist guest mobility, designated handicap parking and fitness equipment, and access to the future Butler Snow Sensory Trail – serving guests with autism, cerebral palsy, and vision/hearing impairments. The Park currently offers universal access via two all-terrain wheelchairs, Vulcan Materials Zip Trip, Susan Mott Web Team Building Course, Riley’s Roost Treehouse, and 6-miles of wheelchair accessible trails.