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Thank you to our faculty sponsors (Dr. J. Michael Wyss and Dr. Diane Tucker)

Meet the Current Directors: 

Lucas Rickenbacker -
A senior Personalized Pathway student majoring in Neuroscience (Bachelor's) and Biomedical Sciences (Master's) with a minor in Chemistry. Lucas is from Enterprise, Alabama, and an ABM student with a research focus on glioblastoma in Dr. Anita Hjelmeland's lab. After graduating, Lucas plans to attend graduate school and obtain a Ph.D. in cancer biology/neuroscience.

Snigdha Kosuri - A junior Science & Technology Honors student majoring in Neuroscience (Bachelor's) and Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology (Master's) with a minor in Chemistry. Snigdha is an undergraduate student researcher in the lab of Dr. Steven Pogwizd investigating the autonomic nervous system control in mechanisms of "sudden death" (cardiac arrythmias/developing irregular rhythms). Snigdha plans to attend medical school and pursue a career integrating research into medicine. 

Haeun Lee - A junior currently a student majoring in neuroscience at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Haeun is part of the Science and Technology Honors Program and hopes to enter the medical field. Haeun holds fond memories of high school science competitions and joined the Alabama Brain Bee team hoping to help provide similar experiences for growth to other students as well.