Every post and image we publish should tell a story about the ways UAB faculty, staff and students use their knowledge to change the world. We want to help readers connect to our achievements — our brand — on a personal level because it is the best marketing money cannot buy. This list of priorities and activities that support them should help you identify and illustrate the way your school, department, unit or center reflects the UAB brand.


Promote learning that prepares diverse students to lead, teach, conduct research, provide professional services, become prominent scholars and societal leaders and contribute to our region’s prosperity through messages that emphasize UAB’s actions to

  • Increase enrollment, retention and graduation rates
  • Expand or create programs aligned with the region’s targeted business sectors and tomorrow’s careers
  • Expand opportunities for extraordinary learning: research and honors experiences, study abroad, learning communities, internships and service-learning
  • Embrace academic innovation through programs acclaimed for pioneering content, engaging pedagogies, interdisciplinary problem-solving, incorporating technology to enhance learning
  • Develop interdisciplinary programs and promote discovery across disciplines.
  • Increase support for graduate studies


Promote UAB’s capability to discover and share new knowledge that benefits society, spurs innovation, fosters economic development and underscores UAB’s position as an internationally renowned research university through messages that emphasize UAB’s actions to

  • Expand research by recruiting and retaining outstanding researchers and scholars.
  • Improve the administrative and technological infrastructure to support faculty and student productivity
  • Maximize translational research and technology transfer, especially within the region's targeted business sectors.
  • Support promising start-ups based on UAB research
  • Provide unparalleled opportunities for students to participate in research and scholarship


Highlight partnerships within our community, state and throughout the world to improve education, health, quality of life and economic development through messages that emphasize UAB’s actions to

  • Maximize UAB’s economic impact
  • Foster an entrepreneurial climate and a portfolio of faculty expertise that helps attract businesses to our region
  • Provide intellectual capital to help our region thrive in a global, knowledge economy
  • Make UAB the preferred academic medical center of the 21st century
  • Improve health in our community and state, especially for the under-served
  • Foster a thriving arts and cultural district for the community

Community/Financial Support

Support partnerships within the larger community to attract financial and other support to achieve our common goals through messages that emphasize UAB’s actions to

  • Enhance financial support for educational, research and clinical excellence
  • Increase appropriations and support from government at all levels
  • Increase alumni engagement

Living/Learning/ Working Environment

Relate UAB’s work to create a consumer-friendly, positive, supportive and diverse environment in which students, faculty and staff can excel through messages that emphasize UAB’s actions to

  • Deliver the highest quality service to internal and external constituencies
  • Create a campus that physically connects to our larger community 
  • Foster an environment that supports the engagement, development, health and success of students, faculty and staff
  • Maximize efficiency in operations and resources
  • Create and expand initiatives to promote sustainability