UAB's strong partnership with its community has helped transform Birmingham into a nexus of medicine, business, research and development. Those ties are cemented by a shared vision for better education, health, quality of life and competitiveness that establishes Alabama as a progressive economic center that can change the world.

• Alabama's largest single-site employer with an annual economic impact exceeding $5 billion.

• For every dollar Alabama invests in UAB, more than $20 is returned through jobs and economic development.

• The business of technology-transfer — moving basic research discoveries to the marketplace — contributes tens of millions of dollars to the state economy through product licensing and spin-off companies.

In a word:

Steers.  Enriches.  Provides.  Secures.  Empowers.  Builds.  Enables.  Earns.  Employs.  Frames.  Furnishes.  Leads.  Fosters.  Promotes.  Raises.  Revitalizes.  Supplies.  Surpasses.  Stimulates.  Yields.  Vitalizes.  Advances.  Competes.  Transforms.