The program will operate under the following conditions:

  • The Lab will be staffed by UAB students. Students can become involved in the Lab by sending their resume to Kristen Craig ( or by being nominated by UAB faculty, or current student Lab participants. Students participating in the Lab will carry the title "Business Analysis Lab Student Scholar".

  • Designated UAB faculty will guide all projects, provide hands-on technical expertise, ensure a high level of quality from the student teams and be present at all student presentations to clients. Lab Faculty will closely monitor the progress of all projects to ensure timely completion. Faculty will also work closely with clients to help develop project parameters and manage client expectations of each project. In addition, Lab Faculty will deliver instructional sessions dealing with research methods and data analysis at the beginning of each semester for Phase I students (see below for more about Phase I and Phase II students)

  •  Phase I Lab Scholars (internship): Phase I Lab scholars are students that participate in the Lab for the first time. Selected students will work 8 to 10 hours per week for one semester in exchange for 3 academic credits. Prior to starting their semester-long project, Phase I students will participate in the instructional sessions provided by faculty and staff.

  • Phase II Lab Scholars (paid internship): Phase II Lab Scholars will be selected based on past project performance and demonstrated leadership skills. Phase II Scholars are responsible for the Lab operations and are assigned to one of a number of committees (e.g., recruiting, operations, transportation/logistics). In addition, Phase II Lab Scholars will deliver an instructional session to Phase I Scholars on project documentation requirements and general Lab operations. Attempts will be made to maintain a 2:1 ratio of Phase I to Phase II scholars. Phase II students will be paid on a per hour basis.

  • Students work in teams to complete the assigned project (typically two Phase II Scholars and four Phase I Scholars) resulting in more than 800 hours of effort per project.

  • At the end of the semester the project team will provide an oral presentation and written report of the strategic recommendations to the project sponsor. All interested managers and executives at the sponsoring company will be invited to attend the students' presentation.

  • Phase II Student Scholars will provide written performance evaluations of all Phase I Student Scholars at the end of each semester. Lab Faculty will also evaluate Phase I student performance and assign the final course grade. In addition, Lab Faculty will evaluate the performance of all Phase II students.

  • All personnel involved in the Lab will sign appropriate confidentiality statements at the beginning of each project in order to protect the technological and intellectual property rights of industry sponsors.