Today's businesses require a workforce that has demonstrated success in working with people of diverse backgrounds.  To meet this need, the Collat School of Business is committed to providing rewarding opportunities to students who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and offers up to 20 scholarships to recruit high achieving, under-represented students through the Collat Scholars Program.


A. Eligibility Requirements

1. Applicants for the Collat Scholars Program must be admitted to the Collat School of Business as an incoming freshmen or transferring from another institution. Preference will be given to students who bring diversity to the Collat School of Business student body to include diverse racial, ethnic, economic, and geographic backgrounds. Additionally, preference will be given to first-generation college students and to students who demonstrate need along with academic ability.

2. Applicants should demonstrate solid academic promise or achievement. Entering freshmen need a minimum grade point average of 3.25 in coursework completed prior to the time of application. Students transferring from another institution of higher education should have earned a minimum 3.0 in all college course work and have completed at least 24 hours of course credit. For transfer students with less than 24 hours, a 3.25 high school GPA and 3.0 college GPA are the minimum requirements. ACT/SAT test scores are not required for consideration for the 2022 class but will be reviewed/considered if submitted by the student. It is recommended that the student submit a resume and/or cover letter in the additional documents section of BSMART.

B. Application and Selection Procedures 

Undergraduates compete the general application through the Blazer Scholarship Management and Resource Tool (BSMART) between Oct. 1st - Feb. 1st and will be automatically matched with scholarship criteria.   

C. Administration of Scholarship 

1. The Collat Scholarship is a 4-year award for students who maintain full-time status (at least a 12-hour course load) with a minimum 3.0 GPA.  In order to maintain the scholarship up to four years, students must continue to pursue an undergraduate business degree.  This scholarship is designed to encourage all recipients to complete their undergraduate degree in four years.

2. The annual scholarship award will be applied toward the recipient's tuition and fees.  Any scholarship funds in excess of the amount required for tuition and fees may be disbursed to the student for books, supplies, room and board, or other school-related expenses.

3. The Collat School of Business Scholarship Committee will award up to 20 four-year scholarships of $5,000 each to be distributed each year in two equal amounts over fall and spring semesters ($2,500 each term).

4.  Recipients of the Collat Scholarship are also eligible to receive other forms of student financial aid for which they may qualify.

The University has become one of the leading urban institutions in the nation and offers a wide range of academic and cultural experiences.  This and other scholarships are designed to provide valuable financial assistance to those who wish to attend UAB.

The Collat Scholars program will be set up cohort-style in order to create a small community group within the larger Collat School of Business.  Scholars will participate in service-learning activities, attend special events, and interact with the Collat family. 

When Mr. Charles Collat, Sr. speaks about his ability to make this transformational gift to help fund the Collat Scholars program, he credits the hard work of hundreds of Mayer Electric associates who have helped to make this possible.  Consequently, Mr. Collat would like UAB to memorialize and honor a few key individuals that have been instrumental in Mayer’s success. UAB has named four scholarships, as a part of the Collat Scholars program, to honor and recognize these individuals: Jim Summerlin, Vic Kester, Jay Ziff, Wes Smith.

D.  Collat Scholars Commitments 

1. Submit Scholarship Recipient Information Form online

2. Submit Financial Aid Reporting Form online

3. Attend two events per semester related to the Collat Scholars Program, details will be provided upon scholarship acceptance.


Melody Lake
Scholarship Coordinator
CSB 210