The Collat School of Business is taking the lead We are building a new home for business education in Birmingham. This new building will be an incubator for ideas, transforming our students into business leaders and attracting the very best talent in teaching and research.

The Collat School of Business is proud to be a vital part of the incredible renaissance taking place in our Magic City.  Every day, our students, faculty and staff break new ground by pushing boundaries, innovating ideas, inspiring others, and turning challenges into opportunities.

Surrounded by the South’s premier business enterprises, our outstanding students live, study and work in an environment infused with an entrepreneurial spirit that transforms ideas into new business and fosters discovery and creativity. The result is an engaging learning experience that extends outside the classroom, well beyond the boundaries of UAB’s campus.

Come learn about our new home and the inspiring innovations that will change our university, our community and our world. Together, we will continue to break new ground.

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